Sustainability Initiatives of Townsville City Council Engineering Services
(with Project Partners Environmental Management Services and Parks Services)
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Sustainable Townsville

Sustainability Initiatives in Citiworks
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  • Sustainability Indicators;
  • Bitumen Recycling Project;
  • Internal Environmental Training;
  • Construction Material Recycling;
  • Urban Stormwater Quality Management Plans;
  • Lake Culvert Connection (fish passage);
  • Adoption of No Net Tree Loss Principle;
  • Waste Management Project;
  • Environmental Management System.

Citiworks - Sustainability Indicators

Project: Seven environmental performance indicators are included in the Citiworks Performance Plan 2003-04. These are to; 

  • Prevent the contamination of water bodies and land from operations.
  • Minimise impact on flora and fauna from operations.
  • Optimise stormwater management.
  • Minimise and control wastes generated by operations.
  • Minimisation of energy consumption and the release of greenhouse gases.
  • Emergency Response Management.
  • Control of the impact of our operations on the community.

Benefits to Council: Assists Council to develop a strategic approach to implementing sustainable practices in its engineering responsibilities. Assists council to improve triple bottom line performance.

Cost/Funding: Citiworks budget.

Citiworks – Bitumen Recycling Project

Project: Citiworks is currently investigating options with suppliers, of recycling bitumen products to reduce waste (milled asphalt).

Benefits to Council: Reductions in the generation of waste and also costs associated with waste removal and disposal.

Costs/Funding: Reduced operating costs.

Citiworks – Internal Environmental Training

Project: Citiworks Environmental Section currently undertakes internal training for operational staff in maintenance, construction and procurement (building on TCC IEMS Environmental Awareness). 

Environmental topics include:

  • Erosion and sediment control;
  • Waste tracking;
  • Working around trees;
  • Acid sulphate soils;
  • Working around mangroves;
  • Dredging in waterways.

Benefits to Council: A measured improvement with operational staff achieving desired outcomes whilst minimising stress on the environment.

Costs/Funding: The training forms part of Citiworks training budget allocation.

Citiworks - Construction Material Recycling

Project: Citiworks is currently testing the recycling of raw materials.  This includes reusing materials such as;

  • Road base,
  • Gravel,
  • Top soils,
  • Sands, and
  • Road asphalts.

Benefits to Council: Has the potential to reduce costs on capital projects.

Costs/Funding: Reduces overall requirements of raw material.

 Citiworks - Urban Stormwater Quality Management Plan

Project: The Urban Stormwater Quality Management Plan (USQMP) has been adopted by Council and currently being implemented by both Citiworks in partnership with TCC Environmental Management Services (EMS). The initiative includes: onground Stormwater quality management projects (ie. construction of gross pollutant traps and wetlands); Management & maintenance of waterways-drains; Scientific monitoring and investigations; and Community education - a vital component of the plan (eg. Louisa Creekwatch/Catchment Tours).

"Healthy Waterways - Townsville"

Benefits to Council: Reduction in pollutants entering waterways.  Improved community responsibility towards urban stormwater quality, and waterway management. Links to to Citiwater ""Watersmart - Rainfall to Outfall" program and forms part of the Total Water Cycle Management approach.

Costs/Funding: The Stormwater Quality Construction Projects are funded jointly by TCC and the Commonwealth (Natural Heritage Trust). The education program is presently funded by Citiworks/EMS with under consideration by Citiwater.  Citiworks receives Council funding for the USQMP implementation and in partnership with EMS applies for external funding support.

Visit Townsville Stormwater Management siteVisit the TCC Urban StormWater ProjectsCommunity education

Citiworks - Lakes Culvert Connection (Fish Passage)

Project: Council has funded further flood mitigation works in West Townsville.  Incorporated in the flood mitigation works is the inclusion of a permanent fish passage to allow the movement of fish between Keyatta Park Ornamental Lakes, Townsville.  Due for construction in 2003-04 Financial Year.

Benefits to Council: Provision of fish passage between the lakes at all times.

Costs/Funding: Forms part of the Citiworks Capital Works item for 2003/2004.

Citiworks  - Adoption of No Net Tree Loss Principle

Project: On some occasions, capital works items require tree removal.  Citiworks has adopted a “No net tree loss’’ principle, where if a tree is removed for a project, a new native tree is planted nearby.

Benefits to Council: No reduction in native tree species.

Costs/Funding: Citiworks budget.

Citiworks  - Waste Management Project

Project: Assessment of waste streams in operational activities and investigation on how to reduce the amount of waste being generated.

Benefits to Council: Reduce amount of waste generated and save costs.

Costs/Funding: By working smarter it is expected to reduce project costs.

Citiworks  - Environmental Management System (EMS)

Project: Develop a Citiworks Environmental Management System that builds on and complements the TCC Integrated Environmental Management System.

Benefits to Council: Assists Citiworks to meet its regulatory and other environmental management responsibilities.

Costs/Funding: Citiworks budget.