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The Strand precinct is a park, a promenade, a work of environmental architecture and a
hugely popular attraction with over 30,000 visitors each week (Economic Impact Study 2005)
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When most of the foreshore was destroyed by two cyclone induced events in March 1997 and April 1998, an opportunity was created to review the level of protection provided by the beach and to improve The Strand’s usage and access.

The recently redeveloped precinct is now a park, a promenade, a sweeping work of environmental architecture and a hugely popular attraction for locals and visitors alike.

The Strand is now one of the most significant features within the Townsville region and offers a huge range of opportunities for passive and active recreational activities for all age groups and abilities.

Competitors take to the water in the Strand Swim Series
The Strand swim Series
A regular event, the annual Carols By Candlelight at Strand Park
Carols By Candlelight
at Strand Park

The Townsville City Council has gazetted The Strand and its 2.2km long beaches as a Sports and Recreation Reserve.

For the City Council » The Strand must continue to be developed carefully to retain its relaxed and picturesque attractiveness to locals, visitors, business and developers.

For The Strand Management » As The Strand parkland is now an iconic feature of Townsville, The Strand Office must ensure the precinct is widely utilised by facilitating events and maintaining the amenity to a very high level of excellence.

Th Rockpool and stinger-resistant net guarded swimming enclosures along the magnificent Strand
The Strand Ocean swimming beaches are protected
by stinger resistant net enclosures