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The 2.2 km Strand Promenade is a multiple-use venue: a pleasant walk,
a fishing pier, an art gallery, and an excercise route for fitness addicts.
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The Strand is a people magnet – its broad pedestrian precinct, restaurants, and a sensational view of a tropical island and the saltwater and freshwater swimming pools – essential for cooling off in this tropical city – is an innovative leisure facility. It is alive with visitors and locals, both day and night. There is nothing else like it in Australia.

The four beaches that make up The Strand promenade are part of the wider Cleveland Bay. Magnetic Island floats a few kilometres offshore.

Three headlands have been built at the end of key streets. These promontories give a sculpted appearance to the formerly straight beachfront. At the same time, they protect the existing beaches from erosion in high seas. Around the headlands and along the dune system, plantings have ensured both a pleasant park-like appearance and dune stability.

The 2.2 km Strand promenade is a multiple-use venue: a pleasant walk, a fishing pier, an art gallery, and an exercise route for fitness addicts.

The safe stinger resistant enclosures and the ‘wet playground’ with its water activities are popular family recreation areas. Lifesavers on duty at the Water Park ensure the safety of children when enjoying this facility.

There’s no cost to the public to enjoy the ambience of The Strand and its many public amenities. Even doggy-doo bags are provided for free!

The Strand is an absolute beachfront park, owned by the people.

Other innovative highlights include:

  • A 60m jetty, purpose-built for anglers, with triangular shade awnings, filleting stations, a bin, lighting and safety rails

  • A purpose-built fishing platform for anglers behind the rock pool

  • Access for people with disabilities to fishing platforms, the beach and playgrounds

  • The Wind Project on The Strand

  • Anzac Park - Garden of Remembrance built during 2004-05

  • Hero’s Walk - an Olympic walk at the end of The Strand near Tobruk Pool - opened just prior to the 2004 Olympic Games and providing photos and information on heroes of the past

  • Strand Park is an innovative design that is suited to a wide range of events as well as community and individual leisure activities.
The Strand's walkways are put to great use by locals and visitors alike
The Strand is alive with visitors and sightseers, both day and night. There is nothing else like it in Australia.

This wind generator feeds into the local power grid
Not many leisure attractions boast an experiment but, as part of the foreshore, the STRAND WIND PROJECT adds a touch of science and sustainability to the extraordinary nature of this precinct. A 4.5 metre high wind turbine which generates 16 kWh of energy on average every day from the ocean, turns silently and efficiently. More information is located at: