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Appendix 3 - Change Agents Sustainability Training

(Assets, Concerns, Values and Visions Linkages)


Townsville City Council Staff - Change Agents Training

08:30am – 12:30pm
Tuesday 18 May, 2004
South Bank Convention Centre
Townsville, Queensland

Gavin Hammond Environmental Health
Tristram Denyer Parks Services
Martin Brewster Parks Services
Greg Bruce Environmental Management Services
Karyn Buosi Community Development
Ron Deganhart Parks Services
Erica Powell Citiwater
Donald McKenzie Environmental Management Services
Dway Goon Choo Citiwater
Nigel Grier Environmental Management Services
Rachel Allan Environmental Management Services
Mark Davis Environmental Management Services
Libby Guest Environmental Management Services
Petal Burgess Citiworks
Peter Lindwall Community Development
Kylie Fulwood Environmental Health
Noel McIntyre Human Resources
Alan Harris Citiwater

‘Sustainability Champions’ enjoy the Change Agents training
‘Sustainability Champions’ enjoy the Change Agents training.

Workshop participants were separated into four groups: Economy, Social, Wellbeing, and Nature. They were invited to consider the Assets, Concerns, Visions and Values for Townsville.


Economy Assets
Townsville Port Authority
Mineral processing
Tourism GBR
Primary Agriculture / fisheries
Education R&D
River – urban sprawl

Economy Concerns
More business diversity
Great Barrier Reef (GBR)
Building Slump
Water supply
International relations
Oil price

Economy Values
Lifestyle – low traffic
Stability – security
Economic growth

Economy – Vision
Bio/job security
Value added to existing
Smart state – R&D – business
Knowledge capital (includes JCU - AIMS – CSIRO – CRC)
Venture Capital
Gateway to reef, rainforest, RAMSAR Convention - Wetlands


Society Assets
Diverse Habitats
N – Habitats and Locations
E – Tourism Opportunities
W – Lifestyle and place activities
E – Job security
W – Lifestyle

Society Values
N – Habitats and Locations
E – Tourism Opportunities
W – Lifestyle and place activities
N – Diversity
E – Tourism, jobs
W – Health safety

Society Concerns
Social isolation and poverty
N – Imbalance
E – Costs of crime and social welfare
W – Costs of living

Society Vision
Fair Society (equality)
N – Protecting and acknowledging, education
E – Job security
W – Improved life satisfaction


Wellbeing Assets
Clean air, water, & natural environment
Access to services / facilities in a compact setting
(size of Townsville eg airport, university etc)
Type of people, laidback friendly, helpful
Diversity, natural and social. Diversity of economy and industries

Wellbeing Concerns
Poorly planned development and future growth
Water supply, dry area, growing community
Job security
Safety in parks, in own home, security
Education facilities
Cost of living – (economic cost of fuel)

Wellbeing – Values
Safety – terrorism
Region – what we live in: reef – outback, lifestyle

Wellbeing – Vision
Improved assets
Future growth
Improved facilities
Sustainable growth
Improved / increased lifestyle satisfaction
Society and people


Nature Assets
Magnetic Island
Diverse Habitats
Aesthetic Landscapes
Bird life
Dry Rainforest
Wet Closed Forest
Undisturbed Nature
Clean Air and Water

Nature Concerns
Loss degradation destruction of assets
Lack of community awareness of assets and values
Short sighted development (unsustainable)

Nature Values
Lifestyle (value of assets)
Recreation (Enjoyment of nature)
Intrinsic (beyond human use and appreciation)
Conservation (Biodiversity and ecological integrity)
Genetic Diversity / Integrity
Urban Natural interface

Nature Vision
Sustain our natural assets
Community truly values assets
Community acts to sustain assets
Community is custodian of assets
Enhancement of degraded habitats
Wise use of natural assets

Nature Linkages
Economy - Landscape loss through industrial and urban sprawl
Research, employment, ecotourism, natural resource needs of industrial development
Social - lifestyle value, cultural diversity, cultural changes to protect natural assets, education, recreation, community cohesion, crime (destruction of the environment)
Wellbeing – Lifestyle, clean air/water, Health Recreation



Executive Summary

1. Introduction
2. Building the Pyramid – the levels
3. Workshop Results
4. Indicators and Linkages
5. Systems Mapping and Analysis Level
6. Innovations and Strategy
Appendix 1 - Attendees List
Appendix 2 - THYS Sustainability Briefing / Focus Group
Appendix 3 - Change Agents Sustainability Training
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Appendix 4 - Townsville Sustainability Compass Index (Indicators Sheets)
Appendix 5 - Three Power-point presentations:
      1. Council Executive Briefing
      2. Business and Community Partners Executive Briefing
      3. Townsville Have Your Say (THYS) sustainability presentation

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