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Accelerated Sustainability Planning

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Appendix 1 - Attendees List

Townsville City Council

Ann Bunnell

Deputy Mayor
Les Walker Councillor
Peter Foxwell Director Environmental Services
Dawson Wilkie Director Engineering Services
Greg Bruce Manager Environmental Management Services
Russell Plant Manager Citiworks
Henry Fracchia Manager Citiwater
Fred Sloots Manager Fleet Services
Brian Milanovic Manager Engineering Services Executive Unit
Lindsay Groat Manager Parks Services
Grant Steen Manager Environmental Health
Kylie Doyle Manager Financial Accounting
Mark Daniell Manager Infrastructure Development
Frances Thomson Gallery Director
Damian Ham Manager Community Development
Julia Knight Manager Community Services
Alicin Everson Coordinator City Plan
Adam Sadler Citworks - Environmental Engineer
Peter Crosby Industrial Relations Officer
Catherine Duchock Subdivisions and Operational Works

TCC Manager Health Services, Manager Environmental Management Services and Deputy Mayor
TCC Manager Health Services, Manager Environmental Management Services and Deputy Mayor

External Council Partners
Barry Hocking Ergon Energy
Caryn Anderson TPA
Rob Hunt NQ Water
Emma Jane Townsville Enterprise Limited
Peter Mellor Department State Development
Mark Pease Environmental Protection Agency
Alastair Pilbeam Environmental Protection Agency
Allyson Agnew Townsville State High School
Ian Gough Gough Plastics
Brian Burkett QLD Dept. Child Safety & Communities
Scott Payten The BMD Group
Hugh Yorkston Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority
Terry Kelly QLD Dept of Public Works (Project Services)
Andrew Mc Ewan City of Thuringowa
John Goddard Bendigo Bank
Craig Thomas Bendigo Bank
John Cole EPA Sustainable Industries



Executive Summary

1. Introduction
2. Building the Pyramid – the levels
3. Workshop Results
4. Indicators and Linkages
5. Systems Mapping and Analysis Level
6. Innovations and Strategy
Appendix 1 - Attendees List <- You are here
Appendix 2 - THYS Sustainability Briefing / Focus Group
Appendix 3 - Change Agents Sustainability Training
(Assets, Concerns, Values and Visions Linkages)
Appendix 4 - Townsville Sustainability Compass Index (Indicators Sheets)
Appendix 5 - Three Power-point presentations:
      1. Council Executive Briefing
      2. Business and Community Partners Executive Briefing
      3. Townsville Have Your Say (THYS) sustainability presentation

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