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2. Building the Pyramid – The Levels

There are five Levels in the Pyramid, including the Capstone. Each Level corresponds to a Round of play -- with the addition of a preliminary round, called "Preparing the Ground" -- and is focused on developing different kinds of insights and making different kinds of Agreements.

Preparing the Ground
Teams form, develop Working Agreements, and become familiar with the training scenario. They develop the scenario with a review of Assets, Concerns, and Current Conditions.

Level 1: Indicator Level
Teams develop a set of nine Indicators of Sustainability -- a representative set of measurable conditions or attributes for their Compass Point. They explore linkages to other Indicators on other Compass Points.

Level 2: System Level
This level involves mapping out chains of cause-and-effect, System Linkages, that can reveal hidden patterns beneath the Indicators. Teams link system elements together in a causal chain, from the perspective of their Compass Point. They make "System Maps" to show how the System Elements link together, and choose seven "Key System Elements" to highlight on the Pyramid. Participants then explore linkages between the System Elements across the Compass Points.

Representatives from Townsville and Thuringowa Councils building the Sustainability Pyramid.
Representatives from Townsville and Thuringowa Councils
building the Sustainability Pyramid.

Level 3: Innovation Level
For this level, teams brainstorm a set of five Innovations -- new ideas, technologies, programs or initiatives that can positively change the system, from the perspective of their Compass Point. Then they consider ways in which the Innovations they've selected can link together to increase their impact.

Level 4: Strategy Level
For this level, teams develop a set of three Strategic Initiatives -- methods for successfully promoting a specific innovation or set of innovations within the context of the scenario. They attempt to find linkages, across the Compass Points and among their "Top Strategies."

Level 5: Capstone Agreement
At this level, to complete the Pyramid and close the workshop, all participants develop a Capstone Agreement about how they will take the learning of the workshop into the real world. They agree on at least one common action that they will take forward after the workshop.



Executive Summary

1. Introduction
2. Building the Pyramid – the levels <- You are here
3. Workshop Results
4. Indicators and Linkages
5. Systems Mapping and Analysis Level
6. Innovations and Strategy
Appendix 1 - Attendees List
Appendix 2 - THYS Sustainability Briefing / Focus Group
Appendix 3 - Change Agents Sustainability Training
(Assets, Concerns, Values and Visions Linkages)
Appendix 4 - Townsville Sustainability Compass Index (Indicators Sheets)
Appendix 5 - Three Power-point presentations:
      1. Council Executive Briefing
      2. Business and Community Partners Executive Briefing
      3. Townsville Have Your Say (THYS) sustainability presentation

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