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3. Workshop Results

Following is the information that was developed from the participants, working in the four groups - Economy, Society, Well-being and Nature.

TCC Deputy Mayor, Manager Council Parks Services and State Government representative from EPA.
TCC Deputy Mayor, Manager Council Parks Services and
State Government representative from EPA.

3.1 Preparing the Ground

Profiling the City
The first part of the workshop considered the Assets and Concerns within the City of Townsville. "Assets" are positive attributes, things that are working, the solid legacy of the past. "Concerns" are worries about the future, based on perceptions of current trends.

Participants, were encouraged to also consider any Current Conditions or Problems that might create additional future Concerns, and any Key Values that might be additional Assets. These were the results.

Economy Assets

• Good Transportation / logistics potential
Development of Sustainable Industries for the future
Community / social capacity to support growth (lifestyle)
Tourism Potential
Industry Cluster tropical health
Major Employers Defence
Employment Generation
International Geographic location
Strategic Integrated Approach
Minerals Processing Value Adding potential
Human capital expertise
Deep water port
Diversity of investment
Broad Economic base
Industry cluster - marine science
Manufacturing potential (range of industry sectors)
Education Potential
Regional Strategic geographic location
Attractive Natural Resources
Agribusiness Potential
Townsville Port Authority
Mineral processing
Tourism GBR (Great Barrier Reef)
Primary Agriculture / fisheries
Education R&D (Research & Development)
River - urban sprawl

Society Assets

• Regional hospital
Sporting institution
Cultural institutions
ATSIC (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission) groups
People internal growth age distribution
Health of population
Diverse means of transport into & out of city (air, train, bus, road)
Educational institutions are represented
Range of commercial organisations
Range of employment base opportunities
Habitats and Locations
Tourism Opportunities
Lifestyle and place activities
Job security

Wellbeing Assets

• Clean air, water, & natural environment Access to services / facilities in a compact setting -(size of Townsville eg. airport, university etc.)
Type of people, laidback friendly, helpful city
Diversity, natural and social
Diversity of economy and industries
Healthy lifestyle
Regional Location
Natural Assets
Sense of Community
Travel Time

Nature Assets

• Hilltops
Magnetic Island
Diverse Habitats
Aesthetic Landscapes
Bird life
Dry Rainforest
Wet Closed Forest
Undisturbed Nature
Clean Air and Water

Economic Concerns

  • Potential Loss of Knowledge
  • Declining Minerals Resources
  • Over Dependency on key Industries and infrastructure (hospitals / education)
  • Public Sector Investment
  • Design for Competitiveness and competitive regional advantage now to ensure City is competitive in the future
  • Dependency on natural resource economies
  • Minerals resources
  • Water availability - agribusiness
  • Knowledge retention - how to focus on global market
  • Perception of declining resource industries - need to consider alternatives
  • Community bearing cost of sustainability
  • Internationally competitive electricity
  • Solid social support services / infrastructure
  • Knowledge based potential - design
  • Professional arts industry
  • Internationally competitive gas Services Potential

Representatives from the State (EPA & State Development), Townsville Port Authority (TPA), TCC and CoT Managers in the Economy Group discuss Sustainable Townsville.
Representatives from the State (EPA & State Development), Townsville Port Authority (TPA),
TCC and CoT Managers in the Economy Group discuss Sustainable Townsville

Social Concerns

  • Fast growth of the City - no time for effective planning and reflection
  • Access to regional hospital
  • Lack of collaboration between educational institutions
  • Capacity of (Coordinated Assistance Network) is to provide services
  • How socio / economic guages access to services / facilities
  • Demographic sustainability - movement of people from Ayr / Ingham
  • Preparedness / understanding / awareness of sustainability
  • Access to facilities - transport / disability access
  • High level of alienation, re: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people
  • Social cohesion
  • Growing social isolation Community safety
  • Affordable Housing

Wellbeing Concerns

  • Job Diversity
  • Job Opportunities
  • Loss of Life Style
  • Safety
  • Quality of Shopping
  • Public Transport
  • Taxes
  • Quality Schooling
  • Lack of Diversity of communications (wireless)
  • Lack of Sophistication

Nature Concerns

  • Open space and parkland: Community participation - management and maintenance cost - protection from development
  • Water availability & quality of water: Management - creek to coral - compartmentalised raw water - ecosystem - support for human uses - wastewater management - future needs
  • Southbank: Fishing nursery close to Townsville - large extensive area measuring productivity - carrying capacity - monitoring/survey
  • Ross River & Ross Creek: Water quality - weed management - Recreational access - scenic amenity - habitat - (including banks) - fauna
  • Renewable energy: Solar - wind - biofuels - hydro
  • Renewable - Amount energy generated - energy used - efficiency - opportunities
  • Flora & Fauna: Biodiversity of Townsville - Survey - what we are losing - habitat restoration - weeds / pests
  • Air quality: Travel-smart - smog density - respiratory health - visibility - chemical congestion (particulates - urban load)
  • Ecotourism opportunities: Visitor numbers - qualitative surveys - to measure visitor reactions - ID ventures - low management - frequency of use

The Natural Systems Group - Nature
The Natural Systems Group - Nature

  • Vegetation management: 60% good quality
  • Vegetation Management - amount clearing - satellite images loss - significance
  • Beaches: Strand - Rowes Bay Pallarenda - Cungulla
  • Amenity - visitation - native condition - cleanliness - erosion + recovery $ - water safety
  • Urban oasis: Green city (going up)
  • Amenity - community participation (RA) - cost of managing water cost
  • Marine environment - Fringing coral reefs - seagrass - box??
  • Health of marine - reproduction of animals - safety
  • Landscape - backdrop - Mt Stuart - Mt Elliot - dry tropical savannah and vine thickets
  • Scenic beauty - appreciation - loss and management - opportunities for recreation - walking/bikeways
  • Traditional owners - role in shaping & managing landscape
  • Traditional owner involvement in planning and implementation
  • Towns Common wetlands - Serpentine Lagoon, water quality - vegetation diversity and quality - fire management - weed / pest management - community ownership
  • Floodplain: compartmentalised - Stuart - Louisa - Lakes
  • Floodplain - urban impacts - erosion - flooding - degradation - water quality
  • Wetlands - Wider asset - neighbour - landscapes and environments - Thuringowa - Paluma - Burdekin - Dalrymple - Hinchinbrook
  • condition of - amount retained - management of
  • Magnetic Island - World Heritage Area - Koala sanctuary
  • village like - population management - native title
  • Regional waste management - disposal quantities - recycle rates - water / environmental quality monitoring - rate of rationalisation of landfill facilities - compliance - unit costs - litter levels



Executive Summary

1. Introduction
2. Building the Pyramid - the levels
3. Workshop Results <- You are here
4. Indicators and Linkages
5. Systems Mapping and Analysis Level
6. Innovations and Strategy
Appendix 1 - Attendees List
Appendix 2 - THYS Sustainability Briefing / Focus Group
Appendix 3 - Change Agents Sustainability Training
(Assets, Concerns, Values and Visions Linkages)
Appendix 4 - Townsville Sustainability Compass Index (Indicators Sheets)
Appendix 5 - Three Power-point presentations:
      1. Council Executive Briefing
      2. Business and Community Partners Executive Briefing
      3. Townsville Have Your Say (THYS) sustainability presentation

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