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Sustainable Townsville Townsville Solar Cities Toyota Prius Strand Wind Project Supporting "Creek to Coral" Stormwater Quality Management Townsville Bikeways A flagship project of the Townsville City Council Sustainable Townsville Program.

The Strand Wind Project is a key educational and tourism icon for Townsville,
both promoting and producing renewable energy in a public place.

The Ropatec Wind Turbine at the Townsville Strand
Strand Wind Project.

The Ropatec wind turbine can produce up to 6kW (~8hp) of power and feeds this into the mains grid.

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The interpretation computer post
The interpretation computer post,
with the new shade structure.
In order to maximise the educational benefits of the Strand Wind Project, the interpretation system associated with the project includes power and weather information to demonstrate the relationship between wind power and energy output from the wind-rotor.

The Strand Wind Project weather monitoring system has been developed with the assistance of the Townsville State High School Centre of Excellence in Technology Maths and Science Renewable Energy Program.

Townsville State High School - "Engineering Young Scientists For A Sustainable Future"
Click to visit - Townsville State High School Center of Excellence

The weather data is provided by a nearby weather station. This information is provided to the public via a Strand Wind Project Website and an interpretative display post with a LCD monitor display adjacent to the wind turbine.

Strand live weather data
Strand live weather data

The Strand Wind Turbine can provide the following benefits:
  • Produce about 6,000 kWh electricity per annum;

  • Reduce our greenhouse emissions by 6.3 tons per year;

  • Keep electricity production local; the source (wind energy) is straight off the Strand!

  • Reduce harmful pollutants and hence public health risks;

  • Lower electricity costs on the Strand (Rockpool circuit);

  • Create Clean Energy, accredited under the national Green Power program and is eligible for greenhouse certificates;

Sustainable Energy

Ropatec windrotor

The Ropatec wind-rotor converts wind energy into electrical power for the mains grid.

The interpretation system and mains power network connection has been developed in partnership with Ergon Energy.

The wind-rotor is calculated to produce 16 kWh per day on average - enough to power an energy-efficient home in Townsville.

Using the wind and sun to produce energy, we can reduce our reliance on coal and help protect the climate.

Townsville is located in North Queensland in a region affected by trade winds. For most of the year, a Southeast breeze blows along the Strand. During the wet season the winds become lighter and more from the North East.


VIDEO: Channel 7 News was at the launch

The Launch of the "Strand Wind Project" as covered by Channel 7 News, 26th October 2004.

Click on the image (left) to view the video. Presented in .mpeg format.


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