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Reducing Greenhouse Emissions

The Great Barrier Reef, at risk from global warming.
The Great Barrier Reef, is believed to be
at risk from global warming.

Queensland's mains power is mostly produced by burning coal. Coal is a fossil fuel. When coal is burnt, large quantities of carbon di-oxide and other greenhouse gases are released into the atmosphere.

It is believed that these greenhouse gases cause global warming and that this could lead to harmful changes in our climate.

Global warming can lead to increased sea temperatures which can increase the frequency of coral bleaching. See CSIRO report: Action needed to save reef from bleaching (50Kb .pdf)

According to the Australian Greenhouse Office in Queensland, producing a kilowatt hour of mains power releases 1.079 kg of greenhouse gases. These greenhouse gases are measured as carbon di-oxide equivalent or CO2e. What is CO2e?

Renewable energy, like the energy produced by the Strand Wind Turbine, does not produce greenhouse gases.

By producing renewable energy, Townsville City Council offsets its consumption of coal-fired power and thereby reduces its tally of greenhouse emissions.

The wind turbine is calculated to produce on average 16 kWh of electricity per day.

This is a total of 5,840 kWh or 5.84 MWh per annum.

Therefore, the Strand Wind Turbine will offset a total of 6,301 kg CO2e per annum.

Put another way, it is calculated that the wind turbine will reduce Council's greenhouse emissions by 6.3 tons per year.

For information about greenhouse emissions and Townsville, see the Atmosphere Section of the State of Environment Report.

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