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The Strand Wind Project interpretation system and the mains grid connection was developed in partnership with Ergon Energy.
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The Grid Connection

Inspecting the electrical boxes
Inspecting the electrical boxes.

A key element of the Strand Wind Project is the electrical connection to the mains grid. The mains grid is the electrical network that links domestic and commercial users of electricity to the power stations. It is the mains grid that provides the power in your home.

The grid connection makes it possible to feed power to the mains grid from small wind power renewable energy systems.

In North Queensland, the mains grid is operated by Ergon Energy.

Working in partnership with Ergon Energy, Townsville City Council was able to develop a grid connect system that met Ergon Energy's safety and technical requirements.

Schematic: Power flow of the Strand Wind Project

Because the mains grid operates on AC current, it is important that the current fed into the mains grid is properly synchronized. This is a key role of the inverter system.

The inverter system is also designed to cut the power to the mains grid in the event that the mains grid connection is lost. This is a safety feature for Ergon workers.

Another component of the system was the installation of a new type of electricity meter that would record both the electricity consumed on the electrical circuit and the electricity produced by the wind-rotor.


Ergon Energy purchases renewable energy for domestic and commercial customers through its Clean Energy program, from Green Power-approved (accredited) generators including:

Thursday Island
  • Stanwell corporations Windy Hill wind farm,

  • Cogeneration plants at Queensland cane mills,

  • Hydro power plants,

  • New biomass (macadamia nut shells) plant at Gympie;

Installation of wind turbines on Thursday Island

Ergon Clean Energy is a not-for-profit program where all monies generated are used to purchase renewable energy and support renewable energy projects.

On line subscription to Clean Energy for business and households is available by calling 13 10 46 or visiting the website:

Ergon Energy manages Australia's largest electricity network. Proudly Australian-owned and operated, Ergon Energy now serves over half a million household and business customers in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and the ACT.

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