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The Strand Wind Project The Strand Wind Project
What is the Strand Wind Project? The Strand Wind Project is a demonstration of renewable energy for public education and tourism purposes.

Key elements of the project include a ‘vertical axis wind turbine' powered by twin wind-rotors, and an interpretative system.

The Strand Wind Project is a flagship project of the Townsville City Council's Sustainable Townsville Program.

The Strand Wind Project is:

  • A demonstration project of renewable energy;

  • Renewable energy education and promotion;

  • Tourism icon supporting the Townsville Strand.
The Strand Wind Turbine will:
  • Produce about 5,840 kWh electricity per annum;

  • Reduce Council electricity bills on the Strand Rockpool circuit;

  • Reduce Council greenhouse emissions by about 6.3 tons per year;

  • Create greenhouse certificates;

  • Create Clean Energy, accredited under the national Green Power program;

  • Produce electricity without pollution;

  • Reduce reliance on imported fuels;

  • Decrease public health risks by improving air and water quality;

  • Provide an example of low operating costs and short construction times;

  • Keep electricity production local; the source (wind) is straight off the Strand!

How much did the project cost?

The project including wind-rotor, tower, footings, grid connection, installation and interpretation cost about $65,000.

How does it work?

The wind-rotor spins in the wind and produces electricity. This electricity is sold to the mains grid.

How much power will the wind-rotors produce?

The wind-rotors are designed to produce a maximum of 6kW (~8Hp) of electrical energy. Preliminary calculations considering Townsville winds and the system capabilities suggest that the wind turbine will on average produce 16kWh per day; enough electricity to power an average Townsville home.

What is the purpose of the Strand Wind Project?

The purpose of the Strand Wind Project is to educate the public about wind power, a form of renewable energy. Through the interpretation system it will be possible for the public to view local weather information and power output from the wind turbine.

How big is the wind turbine?

The vertical axis wind turbine stands 8.6 metres from the ground to the top. The twin wind-rotors are 4.5 metres high and sit on top of a 4 metre tower. The wind-rotors are 3.3 metres wide, and the tower section is 600mm in diameter.

Is the wind turbine cyclone-proof?

The wind turbine is cyclone-rated.

How fast do the wind-rotors spin and do they make noise?

At full speed the wind-rotors will turn at 90 revolutions per minute and operate silently.

Is the wind turbine a solution for greenhouse emissions in Townsville?

Wind turbines and other small-scale renewable energy devices (such as solar photo-voltaics) make electricity without producing greenhouse gas emissions. However, in urban areas with a mains connection, these systems do not currently compete financially with Queensland mains power.

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