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Greentree Ants is a new and exciting addition to the School Shade Tree program in the spirit of “Kids Greening Townsville”. Focusing on trees and their ecosystems, the aim of this educational program is to facilitate a co-learning environment with students investigating the importance and diversity of our local plants and animals (biodiversity), their interaction and interconnectivity.

Inside a Green Tree Ant nest
Inside a Green Tree Ant nest


1. Introduction to Trees (75kb .pdf)

In this session children are introduced to the great many ways in which trees enrich our life and our cities. The different types of plants are explored including groundcovers, shrubs & vines and with the main focus on trees. Children are introduced to ten ways in which trees benefit humans and show the critical role they play in balancing our ecosystems. A range of local native and cultural exotic trees of Townsville are explored.

2. Biodiversity & Urban Environments
(75kb .pdf)

In this session children are introduced to the concept of biodiversity, helping them to understand how an ecosystem works and any plants or animals of particular importance- drivers- within the habitat. They are assisted to explore the idea of why biodiversity is so important to our well-being & urban environments. The concept of rare and dominant plant and animal species is discussed and why too much or too little of any one thing can be a problem. The web based Townsville Natural Assets Database is introduced as a resource ( The role the Green tree ant plays in this delicate balance of diversity is explored.

3. Plants of Townsville CD Rom Exercise
(71kb .pdf)

This activity will answer many of the children's questions about native trees and plants. Fallen leaves, flowers and seed pods from the school grounds are collected and used in conjunction with the CD Plants of Townsville to assist children identify plants. Each category of plant has special uses from gardening to amenity planting to revegetation of natural areas, or all of the above. Some plants attract certain animals or have features which repel others. The structure of a plant, leaf and flower are also presented to the children using new learning materials developed by Townsville City Council.

4. What's in a Garden? A Tour of the School Grounds
(71kb .pdf)

t is important to know and understand the range of plant and animal life inhabiting our immediate surroundings. By becoming familiar with our local environment, we expand our knowledge base and form links to other areas, habitats and ecosystems not only within our own region and nation but also worldwide. The children are provided with special Greentree Ant research kits to assist them to work scientifically in exploring sections of their school grounds.

5. Bush Tucker Trail at Townsville Common – Field Trip
(71kb .pdf)

The Town Common is one of Townsville’s Conservation Parks and internationally significant wetlands. As well as having areas to view birds and other wildlife, it also houses some great examples of Townsville’s local native plant bush foods. The Children are led on a captivating guided tour of this area with a short stop for morning tea.

6. School Grounds Soil Survey
(71kb .pdf)

Townsville has a number of different soil types which determine the types of plants that grow there and therefore the types of animals which are attracted to the area. Understanding the soil variety in an area helps us to understand above-ground habitats better. The children are assisted to explore different soil types by an expert in this specialist field.

7. Plants and their Floral Visitors
(80kb .pdf)

Many of Townsville’s local native plants have beautiful and interesting flowers and fruit which we enjoy in our gardens. They also serve an important role in our ecosystems to animals that help to pollinate flowers and assist the plants to produce seeds, ensuring the survival of the species. The role of the Green tree ant as a pollinator in this region is explored and examined.

8. School Shade Tree Ceremony
(46Kb .pdf)

The School Shade Tree ceremony is the highlight of the Greentree Ants program. Children explore the importance of having trees in their school grounds and get hands-on experience in planting, looking after the plants and watching their garden grow. Townsville City Council will prepare the holes; provide mulch, fertilizer and plants.


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