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Great community events where locals come together to plant trees and shrubs
in their neighbourhood as a way to care for their environment,
improve local park/green space amenity and provide shade trees.

Mayor planting trees with school children on National Tree Day
Pandanus Tree

Community Tree Days are organised by Environmental Services in local neighbourhoods for shade and amenity trees of both cultural and local native significance.

Important cultural trees of Townsville include Raintrees (Albizia saman) and Mangoes.

Community Greening in your Local Neighbourhood
The whole family can help green Townsville!

After each planting stay for a BBQ and take home a free native plant.
Please bring a hat, gloves, sturdy footwear and drinking water.
For more information please contact:
Environmental Management Services on 4727 9310 or 0437 431 855
Would you like a tree planting in your neighbourhood? email:

      Future Tree Planting Events for 2008
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Community Greening Information
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      Townsville Tree Day Plantings, 2008.
On the Day - Community Greening Information
March 9th
Dalrymple Road Community Planting, Cnr of Nathan Street/Opposite Bunnings Warehouse, under the marquee More Information (660Kb .pdf)

      Townsville Tree Day Plantings, 2007.

      Townsville Tree Day Plantings, 2006.

Community Greening Townsville has achieved:

  • 130+ Community Greening activities completed from December 2002 - December 2005.
  • Involvement of over 3000 community volunteers.
  • Planting of over 34,000 local native trees, shrubs and groundcovers.
  • Giving away over 26,000 plants at Community Greenings, Neighbourhood Fun Days, School Shade Tree ceremonies, local festival & other community events.

        Townsville Tree Day Plantings, 2005.

Community Tree Day Planting - 5th March 2005
Community Tree Day Planting: Marabou Park, Annandale - 5th March 2005

        Townsville Tree Day Plantings, 2004.

        Townsville Tree Day Plantings, 2003.

Click to enlarge - Belgian Gardens looking West to the Townsville's Maritime Forest

Community Tree Days Townsville form part of both Greening Townsville (shade trees) and the nationwide campaign to promote planting of local native trees and shrubs to enhance the natural values of Australia’s unique natural environment.

Community hard at work on Tree Day
Community planting

Townsville City Council have been organising National Tree Day at the local level since 1999. The event drew widespread support from local communities and schools as well as support from local businesses and, social and/or community groups and clubs.

The Aim of Community Tree Days is to extend the experience and opportunity of National Tree Day and Greening Townsville programs to include more tree planting activities in local communities and neighbourhoods.

Objectives of Local Community Tree Day Events:

  • To promote and encourage community planting of trees and shrubs that are culturally significant and native to Townsville, and to improve local amenity.

  • To facilitate community involvement in activities aimed at improving local environmental values, and amenity to value culture, and enhance natural habitat for flora and fauna.

For more information on how to be involved contact Environmental Management Services on 4727 9310 for additional details and information on planned tree plantings in your area.

Everyone gets involved on National Tree Day

Deputy Mayor Ann Bunnel giving native plants to schools

National Tree Day is a great community event where Council, communities and schools can come together and plant local native trees and shrubs on several selected sites around Townsville, as a way to care for our local environment and show a Townsville that is Clean and Green.

National Tree Day is an event organised by Planet Ark in partnerships with Toyota and AMP Foundation.

"As a car manufacturer, Toyota is acutely aware of the damage caused to the environment by carbon dioxide emissions" - Ken Asano, President Toyota Australia

Toyota's new model fuel-efficient cars can produce up to 30% less greenhouse gas emissions than older inefficient models.

Planting trees to absorb carbon dioxide emissions is an internationally recognised procedure for reducing the level of greenhouse gas emissions. According to Mr Ken Asano, educating and motivating individuals and organisations to plant carbon-absorbing trees is another positive way Toyota can help the Australian and global environment.

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