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How to Plant a Tree

Give all your trees a drink of water before you plant them.(If you are not going to plant them today give them a drink of water as they are thirsty!!).

Read the description of the tree/s you have received or purchased, this will help you to determine the best place to plant. Think about how big will it get are there any overhead powerlines, drains, carparks or buildings nearby, does it like full sun or shade?

To plant your tree you will need:

Bucket (to water plants)

Spade (to dig hole)

Tree (to plant)


Mulch (1 m ring x 10 cm deep per tree) to plant your tree


  1. Water all trees before they are planted (they are thirsty);

  2. Dig a hole two times the size of the pot the tree is in;

  3. Place the fertiliser tablet in the hole and cover with a small amount of soil;

  4. Gently remove the tree from its pot by tapping at the bottom of the pot and then upturning into your hand place gently grip the tree and slide out of pot. Place the tree in the hole;

  5. Crumble soil clods (from the dug hole) and place around tree, firmly press down;

  6. Water planted tree with one (1) bucket of water.