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Saturday 16th – 24th of October

WHERE: Various locations


Weedbusters week is an annual event that brings together volunteers and various community groups to do their bit to help get rid of some of our worst invaders.  The activities in Townsville this year are going to be bigger than ever, with a range of different events being facilitated by a variety of different concerned groups.


Mother of Millions Infestation
Photo curtesy of DNRM&E

Weedbusters Cotters Market 17th October

Townsville City Council staff and members of the Coastal Dry Tropics Landcare Inc. will be presenting a display informing community members about the week's activities. There will also be information on declared weeds and their removal, a weed ID competition and a free native plant giveaway!

Photo curtesy of DNRM&E

Weedbusters Weed Blitz Campus Creek JCU Douglas

October 18th - 22nd: A weed “Blitz” will be carried out along the creek targeting a variety of species. This important creek drains off Mt.Stuart and into Ross Creek, and throughout the week several different groups will be involved in the intensive removal of weeds from the area. The weeds for the week will be Leucaena , Chinee Apple and Cassia Alata; plus Aquatic weeds in the lower section of the creek.

Following that will be a community WeedBuster morning on October 24th 8am - 12pm, on the lower reaches of Campus Creek. Come along and help preserve this important creek system by removing some pest species and learn a bit about Weed Ecology in the process. This will include a free BBQ, the removal of herbaceous weeds, waterweed workshop, give-aways, weed ID competition, weed removal raffle, and the launch of the nursery weeds information kit.

Chinee Apple - Zizyphus Mauritiana
Photo curtesy of DNRM&E

Weedbusters Woody Weed Swap - Vantasel St. Tip

October 24th 1pm-4pm: Bring along weeds removed from your land and dump them in the green waste for free! You can replace your weeds with a free local native from a wide range provided by Costal Dry Tropics Landcare Incorporated and TCC.

(N.B. Commercial operators are excluded from the above offer.)


Further Information

Contact TCC Environmental Management on 47279312 or

Katrina Cullen (Costal Dry Tropics Landcare Inc.) 47 214 322

(9am-5pm weekdays)

See also Weedbusters Week 2003

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