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Wetlands Not Weedlands
In recognition of the International Year of Freshwater


WHEN:    Sunday 12th – 19th of October

WHERE:    Several locations:

WeedbustersCotters Market – Flinders Mall Sunday, 12th of October 2003

WeedbustersFoyer - Townsville City Council Administration Building Monday, 13th – 17th of October 2003

WeedbustersLouisa Creek - Tuesday, 14th of October 2003

WeedbustersOak Valley Park - 1 PM Sunday, 19th of October 2003

Townsville City Council in partnerships with community groups (Oak Valley Landcare and Louisa Creekwatch) have organised several activities to mark Weedbuster Week celebration in Townsville 12th - 19th of October 2003.


  • Weedbuster Week celebration in Townsville will start off with an educational display at the Cotters Market on Sunday, 12th of October 2003. The Sunday display will be followed by a display throughout the week at the foyer of Townsville City Council Administration Building.

  • Townsville City Council Natural Area Team will join forces with community-based volunteers (Louisa Creekwatch); to undertake weeds removal activities along Louisa Creek on Tuesday, 14th of October 2003, which will be followed by the planting of local native trees and shrubs. This is in line with this years theme “Wetlands not Weedlands.”

  • Townsville City Council, in partnership with Oak Valley Landcare Group, are also organising a Weedbuster Day at Oak Valley Park – at the end of Thunderbolt Drive, Oak Valley. The event will include weeds removal demonstration, educational display and guest speakers who will talk about weeds management and control. The event will be boosted by fun in the park activities including BBQ (free sausage sizzle and refreshment drinks) prepared by Townsville Daybreaks Rotary Club, Urban Fun Object (UFO) and a Movie Night in the evening featuring “Kangaroo Jack”.

    Leucaena (Leucaena leucocephala)
  • Weedbuster Week is an event celebrated nationally every second week of October each year. The program focuses on working with the community to increase awareness and understanding of sustainable land and water management through public involvement in weed management as well as through education and awareness projects.

  • The aims of Weedbusters are to raise awareness and increase public understanding about the problems weeds cause and the connection between gardening, farming or grazing practises and potential land and environmental degradation; providing the public with information and skills required to play a responsible role in the sustaining use of the land and water resources; and to recognise efforts of volunteers/community groups for excellent weed management.

  • Weedbuster Week activities in Townsville are intended to encourage the general community to be more aware of the impact of weeds on the local natural environment and to provide useful information on weed identification and management.

  • Townsville City Council through Environmental Management Services will also be taking part in a weeds workshop at Mundingburra State School on Thursday, 16th of October 2003. Globally, weeds are second as the biggest threat to biodiversity, behind habitat loss. The workshop will focus on what makes a weed a weed, how they spread and the problems caused by weeds.

Magnetic Island Worst Weeds (.pdf 65kb)

Magnetic Island clean up letter (.pdf 630kb)


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