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Promoting environmental protection and sustainability

Sustainable Alternatives
in Urban Development
Commercial Building Industry

Including habitat management and rehabilitation, water quality management,
environmentally responsive site layout and building design,
eco-efficiency/cleaner production and renewable energy.

Example 1: Nobby Head - Picnic Bay - Magnetic Island

low scale, low density and site responsive development - (artist's impression)

The site forms a promontory feature on coastline
a significant landscape feature of Magnetic Island

South Western periphery of Picnic Bay
site bounded by Picnic Bay and Cockle Bay)

  • subject site is 3.397 hectares in area
  • development will contain 18 lots utilising existing tracks and buildings (1930s and 1950s)
  • development is intended:

    • to be constructed within designated building zones
    • to be designed so that earthworks are minimised
    • to be sympathetic to the natural textures and colours of Nobby Head
    • to create residences of high quality in terms of architecture and adaption to site and climate
    • to have the lowest possible physical and visual impact
    • to be concealed utilising the existing rocks, vegetation and topography

See the Power Point presentation here (6.5Mb .pps)

For more information contact:
DJ Mackenzie
Environmental Management Services
Townsville City Council
ph 4727 9317
email to:


Example 2: Australian Green Development Forum

vision to inspire urban developers, governments and industry bodies to work in partnership to achieve economically viable, sustainable developments.

the Australian Green Development Forum is a balanced, non-profit coalition of members from development industries, government organisations and community groups. It is endorsed by industry and environmental bodies, and is aligned to community sectors that also have an interest in fostering sustainable development.

Visit the AGDF website
AGDF website



Example 3: Hanson Building Products

Hanson Building Products

Pioneer Building Products / Besser Masonry have changed their name to Hanson Building Products, trading as Hanson Masonry.

Pioneer/Besser was purchased by Hanson in 2000, and have now decided to change the name to Hanson Building Products - nothing else has changed, you will receive the same great products (including Hanson's Besser Blocks) and service from the same friendly people.

For more than 40 years, Besser has been a partner in developing Townsville by supplying Blocks, Pavers and Retaining Walls to many of the city's outstanding building and landscaping projects.

Today, Hanson produces a range of environmental products that stop the devastating effects of erosion, promote regrowth and opens access to environmentally sensitive areas. Offering products like Tri Lock, Enviropave, A-Jacks, Eco Monarch, Grass Paver and the Balmoral Retaining Wall System.

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See the brochure here (280kb .pdf)



Example 4: Gough Plastics
Gough Plastics Sustainable Business Website Gough Plastics are rotational moulders, producing a variety of plastic products. A key theme in their work is developing and retailing products that allow for the stewardship of water. Gough has a company philosophy - Passion, People, Planet - plus business partnerships and intellectual property to support their sustainability.

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Gough Plastics Sustainable Business Website



Example 5: Felix Riedweg Architects Pty Ltd
Felix Riedweg Pty Ltd

Climate Responsive Design in the Coastal Dry Tropics

Award-winning Architects Felix Riedweg Architects Pty Ltd have been designing climate responsive Townsville homes for over 15 years.

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Example 6: Webb Construction



Example 7: Watts Going Down.
Energy efficiency on the George Roberts bridge.
Energy efficiency on the George Roberts bridge. Townsville City Councils Citiworks Business Unit are saving energy and have reduced greenhouse gas emissions through the simple act of replacing incandescent light globes with compact fluorescent.

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Example 8: Townsville: Queensland Solar City,
  Putting the Sun into Sustainable Townsville
Putting the Sun into Sustainable Townsville The Solar Cities Programme is a $75 million Federal Government initiative to implement distributed solar technology (including photovoltaic and solar thermal), energy efficiency, load management, smart meters and cost reflective pricing in large-scale grid-connected urban sites.

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Example 9: The Lakes Wind Project,
Stormwater Quality Management Powered by the Wind.
Stormwater Quality Management Powered by the Wind.
The Lakes Wind Project
involves the use of a the horizontal axis Southern Cross wind mill to move water from the bottom of the Curralia Lake through a stormwater treatment facility and back into the lake.

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Example 10: White Roofs on Townsville Buildings.
White Roofs on Townsville Buildings. Scientific analysis shows that a white roof can substantially reduce air conditioning loads and make buildings more comfortable.

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Example 11: Citiwater Cleveland Bay Wind Monitoring Program.
Citiwater Cleveland Bay Wind Monitoring Program. Over the past few years there has been much interest in commercial wind power in Townsville. Citiwater has taken the lead in the development of commercial wind energy in Townsville through its wind monitoring program.

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Example 12: The Feasibility of Wind Power for Townsville.
The Feasibility of Wind Power for Townsville Townsville City Council is considering the feasibility of using wind power to generate clean electricity at its Cleveland Bay purification plant to power a reverse osmosis filtration plant. This plant, part of the proposed Carbon Neutral Water Recycling Project, would filter 60% of Townsville's wastewater for reuse in irrigation and industry.

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