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A commitment to the planting of 10,000 trees per year through shade tree plantings, free trees, revegetation projects, community involvement, schools. Target areas include parks, streets, main roadways, industrial precincts, car parks, shopping centres, drains and waterways.  

Urban Nature in Action
Community Greening Program 2003 - 2008

Program Description

Previous Townsville Mayor Tony Mooney with the Arbor Day Awards
Urban Nature
Community Greening Program

Townsville's location in the dry tropics has afforded it an unfortunate reputation for being dry and dusty. 'Brownsville' and 'Mt Isa by the sea' were monikers the Townsville City wanted to shake off. With this goal in mind, the City sought to create a more inviting and visually appealing urban landscape that enhanced the lifestyle of its residents as well as achieving real on ground revegetation and environmental benefits for Townsville natural areas.

In order to achieve these objectives, the Townsville City wanted to create a vehicle by which its vision could be realised in partnership with the broader community. Through establishing the Urban Nature - Community Greening Program, a partnership was created between the council, the community, local schools and businesses. The program follows from the success of the Greening Townsville Program which has been succesful in planting more than 40,000 local native plants throughout Townsville and had given away more than 61,000 at public events and festivals.

Native Golden Bouquet (Deplanchea tetraphylla) Cocky Apple (Planchonia careya) Native Peanut (Sterculia quadrifida)
Native golden bouquet Cocky apple Peanut tree 

The Townsville City Urban Nature - Community Greening Program aims to facilitate the transformation of the City's appearance with the planting of native plant species. The Program will target areas such as natural areas and creeks and waterways, road reserves and corridors as well as assisting with revegetation on community and sporting grounds. Urban Nature - Community Greening Program is cultivating an urban area filled with green leafy corridors to provide habitat for native flora and fauna as well as estasblishing a cleaner, greener, cooler and a more enjoyable place to live in.


TCC natural area leading hand Eric Maki supplies water during a community planting at Oak Valley.
Community planting at Oak Valley


  • To complement and enhance previous greening programs and projects undertaken by Townsville City Council;

  • To improve the amenity of Townsville through strategic native revegetation and landscaping, shade tree plantings and establishment of vegetation particularly along major road corridors and natural areas, creeks and waterways;

  • To encourage wider community involvement in revegetation and greening projects on Council managed lands and waterways;

  • To increase the capacity of Council and the community to undertake greening and revegetation projects.

Key Messages

Establishing attractive Urban Nature and green areas are Townsville is important to Townsville City Council

  1. Improving community amenity is important to Townsville City Council
  2. Returning vegetation to the urban environment, particularly shade trees, is important to Townsville City Council
  3. The Shady Rain TreeCommunity involvement in revegetation and greening initiatives is valued by Townsville City Council
  4. Townsville City Council is continually improving its vegetation establishment and maintenance practices, particularly in the area of planning and preparation
  5. Townsville City Council is working to improve previously planted areas in the light of improved understanding
  6. Achievement of some community outcomes and objectives can be improved with Council as a partner
  7. Achievement of some Council outcomes and objectives can be improved with community as a partner
  8. 9. Opportunities exist to incorporate broader environmental initiatives in Council revegetation and greening programs

  • Community plantingTownsville City wishes to build partnerships with the community through involvement of individuals, volunteers, groups, businesses, government agencies and non-government agencies in greening and revegetation initiatives. Community plantings have been regular activities in the Townsville region since many years, the Urban Nature - Community Greening Program will continue this tradition and facilitate regular community tree planting activities with local residents and also in partnerships with local environmental, community and business groups (e.g. Ergon Energy Green Team, Lions Club, Rotary Club, Conservation Volunteers Australia (CVA), Coastal Dry Tropics Landcare (CDTLI), and other potential partners.

Mutual Outcomes

  • A better place to live - Urban Nature - Community Greening Program will improve the environmental values of the urban landscape and make Townsville a better place to live.

  • Native rain tree (Terminalia sericarpa)Sun awareness - The natural "low-tech" cooling system provided by trees will help to create a great outdoors experience - a much more enjoyable experience for residents and visitors alike, particularly during Townsville's hot summers. The sun smart message is reinforced through encouraging sun smart practices - e.g. the use of sunscreen, long sleeves and hats when outdoors.

  • Increased knowledge - The program will add to the knowledge of Council staff and community participants, and that knowledge will be made available to the wider community.

  • Better use of resources - development of better methods for planting and maintenance will result in more effective use of Council resources for the benefit of the community.

  • Biophysical and environmental - The Urban Nature - Community Greening Program is a valuable environmental tool to facilitate environmental education messages to young people and the wider community. By being directly involved in tree planting activities, children will learn about the natural environment through tree identification and more frequent encounters with local flora and fauna.

  • Health and Recreation - Through the Urban Nature - Community Greening Program, Council's is encouraging the wider community to get involve community planting and revegetation activities and enjoy an alternative outdoor activities that the whole family can participate in as well as helping to enhance and help our local environment.

  • Native peanut trees in the parkDiversity of community involvement - while the program has clearly paid environmental dividends, it has delivered a social bonus as well. The Council has succeeded in its goal of fostering community spirit, by motivating residents to beautify and take ownership of their 'patch' and to act as sentinels for their area. More than 3,000 individuals from all walks of life and all ages have participated in the program, as have community bodies such as Creekwatch groups, Scouts and Seascouts, Sporting Groups, Lions and Rotary Clubs and Neighbourhood Watch Groups. The frequency of the plantings has helped to bring neighbours together and instil a greater sense of pride in their city.


Townsville Won Arbor Day Awards 2006!

Winning Arbor Day 2006 Awards:

  • Minister's Golden Spade and Shade Award
  • Arbor Day Award for Local Government Category
  • Arbor Day Award for Regional North Queensland Category