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Burdekin Dry Tropics BoardNaREF is a network & forum established in 1999 by our local community to support community based natural resource management (NRM) and conservation initiatives in the Townsville Thuringowa Coastal Plain. NaREF is also the Sub Regional body for the Townsville Thuringowa Sub Region of the Burdekin Dry Tropics.

NaREF works to progress NRM & conservation initiatives established in; A Community Plan for NRM in Townsville-Thuringowa, and Action Plans for Community NRM in Townsville Thuringowa.

NaREF is open to anyone or any organisation with an interest in NRM in Townsville Thuringowa, including: Industry groups, Local, State and Federal Government agencies, landholders, Traditional Owners, community organisations, and individuals, About NaREF

Some Community Partners
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