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Magnetic Island National Park

Island Overview - Vegetation & Landscape
Island Overview - Vegetation & Landscape

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Just over half of Magnetic Island is protected as national park to preserve its many values and to provide visitors with a choice of recreational activities.

The walking tracks of Magnetic Island are the best way to enjoy the Island's spectacular natural scenery - picturesque landscape and seascape which features large granite boulder strewn headlands, hoop pines, high quality sandy beaches and fringing coral reefs.


More than 20km of walking tracks curl though bays and lookouts and visit sites of cultural significance.

Rock wallabies are commonly seen on steep slopes in the early morning. Koalas can be seen during the day in eucalypt trees along the Forts Walk. Along the beaches, gulls, terns, sandpipers, and dotterels can be seen. Ospreys, brahminy kites and white bellied sea eagles can be seen in the skies from lookouts and cliff tops. If you are lucky, the haunting wails of bush thicknees can be heard along the tracks.

Popular Island Walking Tracks:

  • Hawkins Point - 600m, 1hour return

  • Nelly Bay to Arcadia - 5km, 2.5 hours return

  • Picnic Bay to West point - 8km 2.5 hours return

  • Bays Walk from the Forts Carpark - Arthur Bay 700m 15 minutes

  • Florence Bay 1.8km, 30 minutes

  • Radical Bay 3km, 1 hour Forts Walk - 4km, 1.5 hours return

  • Horseshoe Bay to Balding/Radical Bays - 1.5km/1.7km, 30 minutes

  • Searchlight Tower - 1.8km, 1 hour return

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