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Oslo, Norway 14th - 16th May 2007
Madeleine McGann - Representing Townsville and the youth

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A journey in Oslo

Madeline was supported by:
Creek to Coral Great Tropical Drive
Burdekin Dry Tropics NRM Reef HQ

Madeleine McGann from the Cathedral School of St Anne and St James (far left), along with other Keynote speakers and conference organizers.

Madeleine McGann, supported by the Great Tropical Drive, Townsville City Council, Reef HQ and Burdekin Dry Tropics NRM, as well as her family and the Cathedral School, was able to attend the Global Ecotourism Conference held in Oslo, Norway, on May 14-16 2007.

She was accompanied by her teacher, Judy Newman, and attended as a delegate for Townsville and the youth of Townsville and the world.

Madeleine was able to connect with young people from Townsville and other countries via videoconference while she was in Oslo, and reported back during the final plenary session of the Oslo Conference, in front of more than 400 ecotourism exports, operators and researchers.

Her speech moved the audience to the point that she got a standing ovation. She was even invited to attend other conferences as a representative of the youth.

Madeleine and Judy were also in charge of manning a booth in Oslo at the conference Trade Show. She promoted Townsville as an emerging ecotourism destination, informing visitors about Townsville’s lifestyle and ecotourism operators in the Townsville region.

Madeleine is producing a report on her experience and reported to Townsville’s community during environment week.

Photos of Maddie at the Oslo Conference

Madeleine networking with ecotourism operators from around the world

Madeleine attending sessions of the Conference

Madeleine presenting during the final plenary session

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A bit about Oslo…

The Global Ecotourism Conference in an inaugural event organised by the International Ecotourism Society (TIES) in partnership with a regional or national ecotourism society (this year ecotourism Norway). Conferences like this one will be organised every five years, in the co-organizer’s country. The Global Ecotourism Conference 2007 will bring together ecotourism associations and interested organizations and individuals. Participants will assess successes and challenges for ecotourism and push the global movement for ecotourism forward.

Students of Townsville and around the world will have a chance to be indirectly part of the conference through their “delegate” Madeleine, who will ensure that youth’s voice is heard in this movement.

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