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Strand Winner of the Clean Beach Challenge
Collex Resource Conservation and Waste Management Award

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Aerial view of the Strand beach
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Collex Resource Conservation and Waste Management Award

This award for Townsville's Strand beach recognises outstanding accomplishment in resource conservation and waste management.

Judges look for evidence of community, business and/or local council initiatives in the conservation of natural resources, the recovery and reuse of "waste" materials and the appropriate disposal of non-recyclables, including:
Art on the Strand
  • Mulching and reuse of suitable green waste
  • Adequate, well placed recycling bins/facilities
  • Appropriate directional signage to recycling facilities and/or services
  • Collection and re-use/recycling of glass, paper, cardboard, aluminium, plastic, oil
  • Collection and appropriate disposal of non-recyclable materials
  • Incorporation of waste management activities into a broader waste management strategy for the beach
  • Water minimisation practices and/or devices (eg automatic shut-off taps on public toilets and showers, water storage evaporation protection)
  • Energy minimisation practices and/or devices at public facilities (eg long-life light globes, solar-heated/powered public facilities or services, automatic light shut-off switches - where safety is not compromised)
  • Community education and/or consultation activities with regard to resource conservation and waste management at the beach;
  • Partnerships between council, community and/or business in effective resource conservation and waste management activities at the beach

Initiatives on the Strand that were instrumental
in winning the prize include:

Water efficient sub-surface irrigation
Mulching and reuse of green waste
Use of sensors and timers on lighting to save on power
Use of spring-loaded taps and showers for conserving water
Community involvement
Collection of litter daily by Strand workers

    The environmental theme is also abundant in the artwork on the strand. Below is text of a plaque dedicated to the work of local artist Anne Lord.

Flotsam and Jetsam

Glass Bricks and Photographic images printed on metal plate



Over a period of 10 years, Anne Lord recorded common objects washed up on the Strand. Discarded items in these images may have been used by locals, visitors or even people oceans away.

The artist was interested in the Strand as a well-loved recreational place with its by-products of human activity.

Questions may be asked about where these objects originated and where they go.

Anne Lord is a multimedia artist whose work confronts environmental degradation and paradoxically reveals the grace of nature.