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What’s it all about?
Aquatic weeds can impact on the environmental and recreational value of our waterways. Control is difficult and expensive.

What are we trying to do?
NQ Water is trialing the use of a mechanical weed harvester to control aquatic weeds on Ross River.
The harvester removes floating weeds such as Water Hyacinth and submerged weeds such as Cabomba.
This reduces the need for chemical control and other possible impacts on water quality.
Mechanical Weed Harvester

Cabomba Weed
Cabomba is a submerged plant introduced for the aquarium trade.
Cabomba chokes waterways and restricts boating and swimming.
Cabomba is easily spread by boats and trailers.
NQ Water is supporting a search for a Biological Control of Cabomba in South America.
What can you do?
Prevention is better than a cure!
Stop weeds spreading – clean boats, trailers, ropes etc.
Do not release aquarium plants or fish into local drains and waterways.
A Trailer Covered in Weed

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