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Oak Valley Catchment Tour

Completed on Sunday 23 November, 2003

See description of the Tour and photos below

Top of Mt Stuart looking down the catchment to the Ross River floodplain

Following the Celebration of the Oak Valley Water Supply Project at the Oak Valley Bush Fire Brigade on Chisholm Trail on the 23rd of November, a group of enthusuiasts undertook a guided Catchment Tour

The tour went to the top of the Catchment, at Mount Stuart and viewed both Oak Valley and the Ross River catchment. Two ends of the catchment.

From there the tourists visited via Sachs Creek the Ross River Dam. The creek runs through Oak Valley and feeds into the dam. So the people of Oak Valley and their activities are part of caring for our water supply.

At the dam we learnt from the NQ Water Ranger - Rob Hunt all about the water storage, water quality management and the very high conservation values of the dam for waterfowl (it is apparently classified as a wetland of national significance by the Australian Government Environmental Agency and is very important).

At the foot of the dam floodplain looking back up the catchment to Mt Stuart and Oak Valley behind the lower hills

The catchment tourists investigate with Citiwater
the water treatment plant

From the dam we passed the new dam wall works and then followed the Ross River down to Stockland and across the bridge back up via Riverside Gardens to the Citiwater Water Treatment Plant. this is the plant that treats most of Townsville's drinking water.

We ended the tour back at Oak Valley for a BBQ with Landcare.

NQ Water Citiworks Council's Integrated Sustainability Services Townsville Clean & Green Initiative

If you would like to be on another tour please contact
Integrated Sustainability Services on 4727 9520