Townsville Parks Services
Water Efficiency Proposal

Site Details

Map - Railway Ave. median strip sprinkler system

Suburb: Railway Estate
Street: Railway Ave
Extents: Putt St to Eighth St
Asset Type: Grass Traffic Island
Median Area: 302M x 3.7M Approx.
Vegetation: Turf & Trees

System Overview

Current Situation


Current water delivery system

Proposed water delivery system
A row of pop-up sprinklers is located in the centre of the median at regular intervals. Dripper Tubes are to be inserted into the soil at regular intervals. Soil Sensors are to be installed to relay soil moisture information.
System Comparison
Graph - Current vs. Proposed water usage over the years 1997 to 2002 Over the years the turf surface has lifted above the curb. The infiltration rate of the soil is low whilst the application rate of the current sprinklers is very high. Most of the water runs off the median on to the roadway or is sprayed directly from the sprinklers. This results in wasted water, damaged roads, dangerous traffic conditions and bad publicity.
Current Proposed
Water Costs Very High

10-20% of current

Water on Roadway Major Problem


Maintenance Costs High


Damage to Road High


Financial Analysis

Required Capital Funding
Component Cost
Upgrade Existing System


Install Moisture Sensor


Soil Physical & Chemical Analysis



Projected Historical Savings (Based on Last Five Years)


Project Savings











*Based on water cost of $0.85


Investment Recovery Rate (Water Only) = 4.4 Years
Note: Maintenance savings are not included.