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Project Respect

Respectful Communities Are Sustainable Communities

This new initiative by Working on it Queensland (Townsville branch) is about developing the idea of respect towards the environment and each other. We intend to contribute to the establishment of a sustainable community by developing the conversation and action of respect in the following ways:

  • Respect for your Neighbourhood

    Enjoy and respect our area and people that we call home.


  • Respect Differences

    Embrace the differences and diversity we have in our community.


  • Respect the Environment

    Be respectful of our environment and don’t destroy what we have left of it.


  • Respect your Relationships

    Show respect for others that we are in relationships with.


  • Respect Yourselves

    We must respect ourselves to be able to respect others. Why not start today!


  • Respect Families

    Families are important source of support to individuals, respect those who care for you or who you care about.


  • Respect History

    The past is the past and it cannot be changed, but it can be respected, understood and preserved for those who follow us.


  • Respect Animals

    It is important to respect animals and the environment in which they live.


If you would like further information on this project please contact:

Candia Bruce, Working On it
Mobile: 0416 979 285 or email:

Supporting a Sustainable Townsville