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A Volunteer Community Awareness Program for Sach's Creek
Sach's Creekwatch

Sach's Creek
Sach's Creek

Sach's Creek

Sach's creek has specific local importance because of the fact that it drains off Mt. Stuart and into the Ross River Dam.  It is a seasonal water body and a large portion of the creek runs through the reserve, with rocky waterholes providing habitat refuges for native macrophytes and fish.

Recently a Creekwatch group was assembled for Sach's creek. The group will monitor the condition of the creek regularly in order to ensure the creek remains persistently healthy. The group is made up of volunteers who visit the creek once a week taking records on the water quality and the fish population. Water quality monitoring is carried out in order to gauge the physical condition of the creek and to note how this changes over time.  Information on water temperature, pH, salinity, dissolved Oxygen and turbidity is recorded. Fish surveys are also carried out which give an indication of the biological condition of the creek. Sach's Creek water quality is very important because it runs into the towns drinking water supply.

Sach's creekwatch volunters-

Matt, Merlyn, Greg, Daniel

Sach's creekwatch meets at the park on the second monday of every month.


Matt and Daniel Conduct Fish Monitoring
Woodstock State School Macroinvertebrate Monitoring along Sach's Creek in 2006.
Matt and Daniel Conduct Fish Monitoring
as Part of Sach’s Creekwatch
Woodstock State School Macroinvertebrate Monitoring along Sach's Creek in 2006.

Data base


Fish monitoring data base soon..

Sachs Creek Fish Species

Long Tom

Sach's Creek Info.

Location Map

Sach's Creek Poster (.pps 267Kb)

Semi permanent water holes

Oak valley reserve

Sachs Creek - March 2004

Human use of sach's creek

History soon..

Popular swimming hole

Bird watching

population of oak valley

rubbish, pollution, garden waste


Animals and Plants

Pests/Introduced species:
pigs, tiapia, cane toad
, cats,
rabbits, dogs, dingos

Other animals that live in/near sach's creek:
fish, freshwater crabs,
black throated finch

Introduced plants/trees:
Park vegetation and plants
rubber vine, chinee apple

How to get involved:

Contact Mick Brady, the Creekwatch coordinator on (07) 4721 4077,
mobile: 0428533078, or email:

A Community Partnership With:

Visit NQ Water WebsiteVisit Conservation Volunteers Australia WebsiteVisit Bird Observers Club of Australia



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