Media Release: October 2002

TCC first with Greenhouse-friendly car

Deputy Mayor Ann Bunnel in the new Townsville City Council Prius
Deputy Mayor Ann Bunnel
in the TCC Prius.

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Townsville City Council announces today that it is the first Council in North Queensland to buy a greenhouse-friendly Toyota Prius hybrid electric car for its fleet.

The Prius is the worlds first mass-produced hybrid vehicle and produces half the greenhouse emissions as an equivalent sized car.

Hybrid cars combine a standard engine with an electric motor and batteries to dramatically improve fuel efficiency.

Fleet Services Manager Fred Sloots says the Prius was introduced to Council to check the vehicle's suitability for Council requirements. A broad range of Council Staff who test drove the vehicle made positive comment about the Prius' roominess, safety features, comfort and road-handling abilities.

Purchase of the Prius was one of the recommendations of the recent Greenhouse Management and Energy Cost Reduction Plan for TCC. Ann Bunnell says the Prius has more than 50% reductions in fuel demand and greenhouse emissions compared with a standard Council fleet car.

Said also said that the Prius is estimated to save 500 litres in fuel costs and reduce greenhouse emissions by about 1.4 tonnes per annum.

The Prius will be used as a pool car for the Environmental Management Services Section in Council, and will be a visibile demonstration of energy efficient technology and greenhouse gas control.

Toyota Prius Homepage
Visit the Toyota Prius website

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