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Townsville City Council Initiatives

to Reduce Air Pollution

Townsville City Council has undertaken a number of initiatives that have the effect of demonstrating techniques for reducing air pollution.

Purchased the Toyota Prius. As well as reducig greenhouse emissions by 50% of a standard TCC fleet car, the Prius has 80% reduction in air pollution emissions. At the time when most vehicles are operating most inefficiently (in slow moving traffic) the Prius is likely to be operating under electric mode with the petrol motor switched off!

Opened discussions about a trial of biodiesel. TCC have opened discussions about trialling biodiesel when it becomes commercially available in North Queensand. Biodiesel, the sustainable fuel, is made from vegetable and animal oil and produces much less air pollution than petroleum diesel. Biodiesel is not yet available in Queensland but is believed to be available by mid year.

Massive tree planting campaigns. Besides balancing water tables, sequestering carbon di-oxide, stabilising the soil and providing habitat, trees also reduce particulate air pollution. This is achieved by airborne particles collecting on the leaves. In planting over 1 million trees, Townsville City Council has assisted keep the air clean.

Environmental Management Plans. Construction works can be a dusty business, particularly in the dry tropics. To ensure that building works do not cause excessive air pollution, Council ensures that developers meet stringent environemntal protection regulations. These are detailed in Environmental management Plans which must be approved by council before work commences. Protecting air quality is achieved by stipulating appropriate dust supression devices and that vehciles are approriately maintained.