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Habitat 5. Littoral rainforest

Littoral rainforest combines the characteristics of subtropical and dry rainforests types, however is located close enough to the sea to be exposed to salt laden winds developing a distinguishable sheared upper tree canopy from prevailing winds.

The Nelly Bay Habitat Reserve Littoral rainforests is located growing on coastal sand dunes, at least since 1918 when the area was recorded as Dense Scrub during a survey of Magnetic Island. During the dry season many of the plants and trees within the Littoral Rainforest drop their leaves, forming a dense groundcover of leaf litter. Then after good rain a flush of new growth will once again produce a shady canopy over the summer months.

Within the Nelly Bay Habitat Littoral Rainforest is Ficus microcarpa, a native fig providing food and shelter for many of the birds within the habitat. The fig sends roots down from its branches into the soil to achieve more nutrients, water, stability and lateral growth.

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Littoral Rainforest  
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