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A Volunteer Community Awareness Program for Mundy Creek

Mundy Creek


Mundy Creek provides a natural scenic route connecting Garbutt and Belgian Gardens to Rowes Bay and offers panoramic views encompassing the Many Peaks Range, Castle Hill, Mount Louisa, Mount Stuart and Magnetic Island.

Vegetation you'll see along Mundy Creek includes open grasslands, sedgeland, mangroves and eucalyptus woodlands.

Following disturbance by human settlement, the environment is being rehabilitated through weed control and revegetation with indigenous plants.

Bike paths line the creek and provide for a great opportunity to see the many wonders Mundy Creek has to offer.

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New Initatives

  • Involvement of schools near Mundy Creek (i.e. Belgian Gardens School).

  • Intertidal Monitoring – with schools, international volunteers and the community. Involves monitoring mangrove health and recruitment, water quality, pollution and fish.


What's been happening Values of Mundy Creek

Mundy Creek Watch

Water Quality Monitoring soon...

Natural Areas Trainees at work

World Wetlands Day 2005

Catchment Tour February 2004

Natureway guided walk June 2000

Bird Diversity

Mangrove Diversity

Vegetation Species list soon

Rowes Bay mud flats

History of Mundy Creek

Aboriginal Bush Tucker Plants

What's on

Get involved

How you can help Mundy Creek and Rowes Bay



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How You Can Help Mundy Creek

There are many very simple ways that we can all help to improve the water quality in Mundy Creek. As we all live in the catchment, we all need to take responsibility of our environment. Here are a few tip that will make a difference:

  • Watch where those plastic bags end up - the fish don't need rubbish in their homes;

  • If you catch Tilapia in the creek, make sure you dispose of them responsibly;

  • Drive along the roads, not the bike paths. They are for walkers and cyclists to use;

  • Properly dispose of your plastic containers, place them in the recycling bin;

  • Dispose of your garden clippings plants and kitchen scraps in a covered compost bin;

  • Minimise the threat of garden escapees by disposing of exotic plants in the bin;

  • Never hose grass down the drains or dump garden waste on creek banks;

  • Always clean up after your dog, wrap droppings and put them in the bin;

  • Sweep up dirt and place it in the garden rather then hosing it down the drain;

  • Wash your car on the lawn, this allows the grass to filter nutrients from the soapy water;

  • Reduce the use of fertilisers (start a compost bin), herbicides and pesticides and only use these in dry conditions;

  • Properly dispose of used oils, paint and other chemicals at your local waste disposal site.


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