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what is travelsmart

TravelSmart is the name for a range of voluntary behaviour change projects and general awareness campaigns undertaken by Queensland Transport to encourage people to use more environmentally friendly transport such as public transport, cycling, walking and ride sharing.

Currently 70% of South East Queensland’s pollution is produced by motor vehicles.

Predictions indicate that in around 10 years:

  • the number of cars on the road will increase by 70%
  • traffic congestion will double trip times
  • pollution levels will exceed recommended levels
  • inner-city vehicle restrictions may be unavoidable

Now is the time to make smart decisions about how we use our cars and aim to reduce traffic congestion, pollution and protect our quality of life.

While improving transport facilities such as cycleways and public transport infrastructure and improving public transport services will encourage the use of alternatives to the private car, Queensland Transport recognises that we must also work on more direct ways of encouraging changes in travel behaviour.

One of the key aspects of TravelSmart is that we only need to change a few of our weekly car trips to alternative forms of travel in order to have a marked impact on traffic congestion, air quality and health. TravelSmart challenges and encourages people to respond by making small changes in their travel behaviour.

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