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Cleveland Bay Wastewater Purification Plant

Brochure on Cleveland Bay Wastewater Purification Plant

Cleveland Bay Wastewater Purification Plant (CBPP) started operations in August 1988, and has since become known for its beautiful scenic surrounds.

Processes for the treatment of wastewater at CBPP include screening, aerated grit removal, activated sludge treatment, clarification, dissolved air flotation, sludge thickening, anaerobic sludge digestion, sludge lagoon drying and disposal.

CBPP has been recently upgraded to cater for the regions population growth and now receives and treats around 22 ML (megalitres) of raw sewage every day. Raw sewage at CBPP goes through primary and secondary levels of treatment. CBPP  is operated under the International Quality Management System ISO 9001.  Treatment of effluent, is in accordance with standards set out by the Environmental Protection Agency.  Some treated effluent is reused for irrigation purposes otherwise known as grey water.

Citiwater encourages school, university, community and other interested groups to take a guided tour of the CBPP.  For further information or bookings please send us an email or facsimile.

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