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Eco Tourism for Ross River Dam


NQ Water has announced plans to put Ross River Damís eco-tourism potential to the test.

The Board has commissioned Townsville Enterprise to investigate the feasibility of low impact eco-tourism activities on the dam.

Ross River Dam is registered on the Directory of Important Wetlands in Australia and supports more than 300 waterfowl species, three birds of prey and other species significant to the area. The dam also acts as a respite for migratory flocks of birds.

Eco-tourism was a growth industry, which complemented the features of Ross River Dam, said NQ Water Chief Executive Officer Ken Diehm.

"NQ Water recognises that the assets we manage also contribute to the lifestyle of the community and we will facilitate environmentally responsible use where-ever possible," Mr Diehm said.

"I am convinced that there is not a wide appreciation of the damís attractions. This will help us promote the dam as a valuable community asset.

"This type of use would also compliment Thuringowa City Councilís River Precinct Strategy."

An eco-tourism venture on Ross River Dam had the potential to add to the areaís reputation as a tourism destination, said Townsville Enterprise Chief Executive Richard Power.

"An appropriate eco-tourism venture on Ross Dam would add depth to our catalogue of tourism experiences," said Mr Power. "This venture has the added virtue of being close to twin cities."

"The dam also offers Ďatmosphereí that makes it very attractive. It is accessible for twilight cruises when much of the wildlife is evident, or night time cruises similar to those held in Cleveland Bay."

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A Black Swan and Chicks are among the wildlife attractions the Ross River Dam has to offer.


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