Indo-Pacific Sea Turtle
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Primary Objectives of IPSTCG

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  1. To increase numbers of sea turtles which forage and nest in the Indo-Pacific region.

  2. To secure and expand existing sea turtle nesting and foraging habitats in the Indo-Pacific region.

  3. To identify and minimise threatening processes to sea turtle populations in the Indo-Pacific region.

  4. To design and deliver education programs to promote community awareness of the threats to sea turtle populations and inspire proactive solutions to diminish those threats.

  5. To encourage government agencies and commercial organisations to be pro-active in providing effective solutions to identified threats to sea turtle populations.

  6. To encourage indigenous groups, who hunt sea turtles and harvest eggs for culturally significant purposes, to regulate sustainable levels of take.

  7. To conduct research, collate data and deliver factual and unbiased information on the status of sea turtle populations, in the Indo-Pacific region.

  8. To maximise funding and other resources available to achieve the ecological sustainability of seas turtle populations.


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