This site contains Background and History of the Representative Areas Program.
To view the current Zoning status, please go to the Zoning Plan 2003.

Introduction to Townsville/Whitsunday Management Area

Welcome to the Townsville/Whitsunday Management Area.

  1. Navigating your way around this map

    Example: To find MNP-10-28 go to 10 latitude on the map and look for this number.  If you find MNP-10-29 then you know that the number you are looking for will be to the north of that.



  2. For information on specific uses such as recreational fishing, please click on Information Sheets.

  3. To view the current zoning map for the Central Section, click here.

  4. To download this map, either enlarge the map by clicking on it, select Save picture as, and save in GIF format, OR download in PDF format at the bottom of this page.

Townsville Whitsunday Management Area Draft Zoning Map - click on map to view large version  Townsville Whitsunday Locality Map Zone Colour Guide:
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Townsville/Whitsunday Management Area MPZ31 - MAp of Draft Zoning 02-06-2003
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