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A business unit of Townsville City Council

Citiworks Townsville is an independent business unit of the Townsville City Council (TCC) with management responsibility for all aspects of the city’s road, traffic and drainage infrastructure. It has been serving the people of Townsville in its role of stewardship over core infrastructure and playing a major role in enhancing the quality of life for all residents.

While Citiworks Townsville is contained within TCC’s administrative structure, recent changes brought about through national reforms have seen Citiworks become more commercially focussed, operating on full cost recovery budgets.

Citiworks Townsville regularly competes and collaborates with industry partners, contracting its skills and services to commercial projects, as well as other divisions of Council. As a result of its extensive civic responsibilities however, Citiworks Townsville has developed expertise in key areas such as project management, traffication, major earth moving, road works and construction, pothole patching, resealing, road sweeping, bikeway construction, line-marking, concreting and drainage works.

Citiworks Townsville is resourced to provide a range of project management services over a broad spectrum in which target completion dates, line budget achievements and client satisfaction are key result areas.

Through innovative management programs and a commitment to its people, Citiworks Townsville has been able to meet its corporate obligations and has developed a strong reputation in local service delivery and the provision of ‘best value’ service in the process. It continually strives for excellence in its operations and sets the benchmark to which both commercial and public engineering organizations aspire.

To assist it in maintaining its focus and operational integrity, Citiworks Townsville operations are governed by four guiding values:

  • A creative and innovative approach in all activities.
  • Fairness, honesty and integrity within all operations.
  • Providing quality service and competence in Citiworks Townsville’s operations and achievement of objectives.
  • Effective communication and consultation.

Citiworks Townsville has played a major part in many of the infrastructure projects which have reshaped Townsville’s built environment. Its name and brand are readily associated with excellence in engineering standards and professional project management. By constantly redefining work practices and management strategies to meet the challenges of a dynamic industry, Citiworks Townsville is playing a leading role in the field of civil engineering and construction in Townsville and North Queensland.

For further information please contact Citiworks.


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Latest Road Works

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