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      State of the Environment – City of Gold Coast Benchmark ‘97


The State of the Environment Report marks the beginning of a regular process of reporting and consulting on the environment between the Council and the community. It establishes baseline data and benchmarks that reflect the current environmental situation on the Gold Coast and provides one tool to measure progress towards achieving ecologically sustainable goals.

The report contains a general description of the city in terms of its environment, allowing each of the themed chapters to focus on the elements of the State-Pressure-Response model. Chapters three to nine present the information for each major environmental theme, land, air, water, biological diversity, noise, waste and socio-economic. A relevant subset of indicators used to assess pressure, state and current response for each major environmental theme is reproduced in each chapter.

Preface - State of the Environment Report
Chapter 1 - Overview, conclusions and chapter summaries
Chapter 2 - A description of the Gold Coast area
Chapter 3 - Land
Chapter 4 - Atmosphere
Chapter 5 - Water
Chapter 6 - Biodiversity
Chapter 7 - Noise
Chapter 8 - Waste
Chapter 9 - Social and economic environment

State of the Environment Reporting


This report reviews the history of State of the Environment Reporting (SoER) internationally and at all levels of government in Australia. Various reporting frameworks and models are described, as well as the set of themes in which environmental performance is reviewed, and the use of indicators to gauge progress made toward specific goals. State of the Environment Reporting on the Gold Coast is considered in the context of a definition of ‘environment’ for SoER on the Gold Coast and past environmental reporting in the region. The report concludes with a process for State of Environment Reporting on the Gold Coast. View the report >>

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