Bohle River to Cape Pallarenda Foreshore

Shelley Beach 


  • Wildlife habitat corridor: Riparian Corridor - major drainage line
  • Contiguous Habitat Corridor 
  • Heritage Listing and Zoning: GBRMP National Park "A" area near Pallarenda 
  • Natural Habitat Quality: Natural Habitat and some Disturbed Habitat 
  • Conservation value: Currently undefined 
  • Natural Habitat buffer adjoining high value fishery wetlands area
  • Contains endangered and vulnerable regional ecosystems 
  • Last remaining example of Mt Low beach vine thicket
  • Connectivity between habitat types including regional connectivity and proximity to Bohle Plains leasehold areas to the south 
  • Fish, waterbird and estuarine crocodile habitat


  • Supports commercial and recreational fisheries 
  • Freehold tenure of beach vine thicket remnant requires agency extension and conservation agreement to ensure retention of representative habitat area 
  • Fishing pressure


(not yet defined)

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