Alligator Creek - above Bruce Highway

Alligator Creek


  • Wildlife habitat corridor: Riparian Corridor - major drainage line. 
  • Heritage Listing and Zoning: Currently unassigned.  
  • Natural Habitat Quality: Disturbed Habitat, Transformed and/or Degraded Habitat.  
  • Conservation value: High.  
  • Important wildlife habitat.  
  • Perennial freshwater habitats.  
  • Closest flowing freshwater creek to Townsville.  
  • Best example of rainforest element riparian vegetation and flood plain paperbark.


  • Freshwater fishery.  
  • A catchment care group is currently being formed in Alligator Creek.  
  • National Park camping grounds.  
  • High-level of use for nature-based recreation (upper catchment). 
  • Floating aquatic weeds (including Pistia, Salvinia & Hyacinth) require a catchment based integrated management approach. 
  • Exotic grass and fire regime management is required for riparian areas which are currently disturbed in much of the lowland areas. 
  • Altered hydrology from levees, roads etc  


(not yet defined)


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