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Noosa Council CCP, triple bottom Line,

The realities of life on our planet dictate that continued economic development, as we know it, cannot be sustained. This is because present-day forms of economic activity are rapidly undermining two other development processes that are essential for human life and civilization: the process of ecological development and the process of community development.  The ecological development represents the biological wealth and climatic conditions necessary for life on our planet. Community development represents community, families and educated responsible citizens and civilization itself. The compromising of these processes by current economic activities is destroying both the viability of human communities in a growing number of areas of the planet and the quality of human life in many other communities and neighbourhoods throughout the world.


Noosa Council has joined 6400 other Councils around the world and Australia, working to halt this destruction of our children’s future and to save the environment for their needs to come. Noosa’s CCP office has undertaken the first step towards reaching an over view of the impact of the Shire’s energy needs for both Council and its community. These figures will be presented soon and will indicate the areas where measures can be implemented to reduce the massive carbon dioxide emission created by our demand for energy.


The Greenhouse Effect

The danger to our future environment caused by the Greenhouse effect by the releases of mega amounts of CO˛ from burning fossil fuels from using our cars, and from kwh generated from coal, has now outstripped our planet’s ability to absorb it from the air in a reasonable amount of time. Presently the CO˛ we release today will be airborne for 60-100 years before it can be reabsorbed through living biomass and the oceans.  

Today’s CO˛ levels are the highest they have been in the last 20,000 years, which is beginning to show on many ice glaciers in New Zealand and around the world by an average melting rate of 1 metre per day. To face the future as being apart of the solution Noosa Council is reviewing how it can best reduce its energy needs and move towards improved energy efficiency, and reduced reliance of fossil fuels. Future power conversion through fuel cells, and power generation using renewable energy from natural resources like the sun, wind, water and bio energy from waste, is an investment in the future that Noosa Council is considering, along with 50 other Councils across Australia.


Future Vision  

Noosa Council’s CCP office is committed to the planning and implementation of sustainable communities that are driven economically towards environmentally sustainable practices. New jobs that support and promote growth in ESD (Ecological Sustainable Development) will provide wealth generation and infrastructure for a sustainable future in many areas of the community.




Noosa Council is following the program set in place by the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives which is a global network implemented to support local governments around the world in the reduction of CO˛ emissions. The stages of the program are known as the Milestone Program and each of the five steps provides Council with valuable information in planning for, and implementing, future reductions in CO˛ emissions.

Milestone Program

Step 1             Find out the amount of energy Council and community use

Step 2             Find out what measures could be used to reduce CO˛ emissions

Step 3             Implement measures best suited for the local community

Step 4             Audit energy usage and compare before and after measures

Step 5             Report to ICLEI and look for improvements and new measures for higher reductions   


Building for Climate Change

To be a part of the solution in reducing Greenhouse gases, the Noosa CCP office can assist you in a number of ways that will save you money and increase your home’s investment potential for the future. To support Noosa Council in the implementation of its sustainable communities program, your support is a valued asset for the promotion and development of green jobs that can bring profits into ecologically sustainable market place.

The growth in ESD investment that moves away from worst-case practices is redefined by how we plan for a sound environmental investment that reduces our daily footprint on the planet through reduced energy demand in our daily lives. New housing using solar passive design and renewable energy for both power and hot water production will increase your home’s resale investment potential, save money and reduce many tonnes of CO˛ each year. New homes built for the local environment make use of natural cooling air-flow to reduce energy needs in summer and reduce energy needs in winter, by using winter sun for heating. The Noosa Council CCP office can help plan energy efficient homes, and guide you through the essentials in designing a sustainable home using your local environmental resources.

Water catchment and storage for your personal needs is also a vital consideration as it will save you money and provide you with a valuable resource in times of drought, using solar pumping to a header tank in your roof for continued water pressure.

A sustainable home even if located in a residential estate can still have its own water supply underground were the tank can be recharged with mains water when it reaches a critical level. Water from your tank is best used for the shower solar hot water system, toilet and garden, with mains water for drinking.

Landscaping around your home should be planned to provide natural protection from solar radiation in summer and help to reduce heat from entering the home through exposed walls and windows, while providing a source of natural organic food production like passionfruit, pawpaws, bananas.



Noosa Council CCP Greenlist / service providers / organisations

 If you have a business in the following categories please contact the CCP office and register your support, by adding your details to the (CCP Greenlist).


Noosa CCP office is currently building a support network of this new ESD investment market that can promote environmentally sustainable businesses that provide jobs and a viable income to local families.


Ecologically Sustainable Business

Renewable energy installations

Renewable energy technology

Solar hot water equipment 

Permaculture installations

Solar construction and home design

Water catchment and storage equipment

Clean water services

Waste treatment services

Organic food production

Natural products manufacturing

Native plant production

Aquaculture production

Recycling, products, building materials

Waste management methane recovery systems

Energy efficient appliances

In addition to the above, any other business you consider is both environmentally and economical sustainable -- we would like to hear from you.


Environmentally Sustainable Organisations / and Groups

Your support is valuable to us and we look forward to your registration on the CCP  Greenlist for organisations.


CCP Office

For further information on sustainable communities, please contact the Noosa Council CCP office.  We would welcome your comments and support, investing in a sustainable future.

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