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Welcome to TCC’s interactive portal on Green Building and Sustainable Design and Practice. This blog follows up and builds on a series of workshops organised jointly by Townsville City Council and The Natural Edge Project on Sustainable Buildings and more generally sustainable design and practice. One of the workshops was a regional themed stream of the 2006 International Ecotourism Conference held in Townsville in October-November 2006 (See webpage on the workshop) and had an ecotourism focus. Another workshop was held the following week on Townsville’s “Solar Cities’ CBD Sustainable Building project. The VIP speaker was Mr. Michael Pearce from Design Inc., Melbourne, the architect of arguably the world’s most sustainable building, Ch2, the only 6 stars-rated building. Both workshop used an innovative “Design Charette” process to facilitate a creative design space and encourage interactive inputs and exchanges.

This blog can be seen as a continuum of the Design Charrette, virtual version.
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