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Metadata for Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Zones - GBRMPA

Data Set
  DSIN 10258
  Title Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Zones - GBRMP
  Custodian Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority
  Jurisdiction Great Barrier Reef
  Abstract Federal Marine Park Zones within the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park.
  Search Word(s) Management
  Geographic Extent Name(s) Great Barrier Reef
  Coordinates N: -10.6
  S: -24.5
  E: 154
  W: 142.5
Data Currency
  Beginning date 1/01/1984
  Ending date 24/07/2001
Dataset Status
  Progress Complete
  Maintenance and update frequency As required
  Stored Data Format DIGITAL - ARC/INFO, DIGITAL - ArcView
  Available Format Type DIGITAL - ARC/INFO, DIGITAL - ArcView
  Access Constraint QFS Use Only, not for release outside QFS
Data Quality
  Lineage Derived from gazetted descriptions, and in part from references to datasets produced by the Division of National Mapping, RAN Hydrographic Service. Boundary was updated on 07/06/2000 in line with the inclusion of twelve previously excluded areas into the marine park. The following 12 areas gazetted 2 August 2000: A. Sharp Point to Sadd Point = Shadwell Section B. Captain Billy Landing = Heathlands Section C. Margaret Bay = Margaret Bay Section D. South of Cape Grenville = Indian Bay Section E. 1st Stony Point = Fair Cape Section F. Bobardt Point = Night Island Section G. Port Stewart = Claremont Section H. Barrow Point = Ninian Bay Section I. Mission Beach = Mission Beach Section J. Burdekin = Burdekin Section K. Western Repulse Bay = Repulse Bay Section L. Bustard Head to Rocky Point = Bustard Bay Section Coverage updated 17.01.01 to reflect these 6 new areas: The following areas gazetted 13 December 2000: A. Bathurst Head = Bathurst Head Section B. Portland Roads = Weymouth Section The following areas gazetted 22 December 2000: A. Cooktown = Cooktown Section B. Clump Point = Clump Point Section C. Broad Sound = Sroad Sound Section D. Connor Bluff to North Point = Curtis Island Section
  Positional Accuracy Vaier from 1-125 metres, as it relies partly on locational accuracy of other base GBRMPA datasets, namely ZONING, ISLANDS, COAST. Lines depicted in coverage are an interpretation of gazzetted descriptions published in the GBRMPA zoning plans and should always be used in conjuction with these descriptions to avoid possible error.
  Attribute Accuracy Contains complementary 'Zone' and 'Zone_No' attributes which refer to specific allowable activities. Names and codes updated as required when zoning and / or rezoning plans are finalized. Zoneing.avl and Zoning.shd are provided with this data and are to be used in ArcView and ArcInfo to shade the zones on the 'Zone_No' attribute.
  Logical Consistency 'Zone' and 'Zone_Id' attributes are complementary, but vary among the major 4 Marine Park sections, they do however represent identical allowable activities and restrictions.
  Completeness All gazetted/current Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Sections are represented. Future Marine Park additions and Section modifications will necessitate dataset updates.
Contact Information
  Contact Organisation Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority
  Contact Position Geographical Information Systems Manager
  Mail Address 2 - 68 Flinders Street, PO Box 1379
  Locality Townsville
  State Qld
  Country Australia
  Telephone 4750 0700
  Facsimile 4772 6093
  Electronic Mail
Metadata Date
  Creation Date 21/06/2000