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Metadata for Dugong Protection Areas

Data Set
  DSIN 10327
  Title Dugong Protection Areas
  Custodian Queensland Fisheries Service - Assessment & Monitoring Unit
  Jurisdiction QLD
  Abstract On the 14th August 1997 the Federal and Queensland Governments announced measures to save dugongs in the southern Great Barrier Reef and Hervey Bay regions. Central to these measures was the establishment of a system of dugong protection areas in these regions. The Areas are declared in legislation under the Fisheries Act 1994 and the Queensland Nature Conservation Act 1992. Two types of protection areas were established : Zone A has more stringent controls over netting practices. Foreshore set nets and offshore set and drift nets are prohibited in most Zone A protection areas. In Zone B mesh netting is permitted but with restrictions on the type, size and location of nets, and requirements for attendance at nets.
  Search Word(s) Ecology, Habitat
  Geographic Extent Name(s) Queensland East Coast
  Coordinates N: -9
  S: -29.5
  E: 154
  W: 138
Data Currency
  Beginning date 1/01/1997
  Ending date 1/11/2001
Dataset Status
  Progress Complete
  Maintenance and update frequency As required
  Stored Data Format DIGITAL - ARC/INFO, DIGITAL - ARC/INFO Export
  Available Format Type DIGITAL - ARC/INFO, DIGITAL - ARC/INFO Export
  Access Constraint QFS data - release outside QFS on completion of a data agreement
Data Quality
  Lineage Engineered in AGD66 datum, the coastline is taken from the Austalian Land Information Group 1:100,000 coastline. The lineage is taken from the description of the dugong protection area as specified in the latest gazette of the Fisheries Regulations 1995.
  Positional Accuracy The positional accuracy is regarded as being the positional accuracy of the Australian Land Information Group 1:100,000 coastline data. This is estimated at being accurate to 150m.
  Attribute Accuracy Contains ‘DPA_Name’ and ‘DPA_Type’ attributes which refer to specific activity restrictions. Attribute contents have been validated. Attributes: [dpa_name] = name of dpa, [dpa_type] = code defining type of dpa, [x-coord], [y-coord]
  Logical Consistency The dataset is regarded as logically consistent.
  Completeness All gazetted Dugong Protection Areas are represented, and dataset is regarded as complete.
Contact Information
  Contact Organisation Queensland Fisheries Service - Assessment & Monitoring Unit
  Contact Position Fish Data Coordinator
  Mail Address Level 2 80 Ann Street
  Locality Brisbane
  State Qld
  Country Australia
  Postcode 4001
  Telephone 07 3405 6822
  Facsimile 07 3224 2805
  Electronic Mail
Metadata Date
  Creation Date 21/06/2000