Envirofund community involvement support summary at 4 July 2003.





Ann Penny,

 and Dr Marcus Sheaves JCU, and Steve McLean

Fish community monitoring. Community-awareness and capacity building (fish identification workshops and Fishwatch). Guidelines for improved management of waterways to improve water quality and habitat.

Envirofund application submitted with Twin Cities Fish Stocking Society as the applicant and TCC as sponsor.

Ross River Parkway Destination

Kevin Schreiber

(Greening Townsville)

Estuarine habitat restoration, stormwater management and shade tree planting

Envirofund application submitted with Port of Townsville Rotary Club as the applicant and TCC as sponsor.

Wulguru Community Reserve

Les Walker

(Greening Townsville)

Edison Street park. Improve natural values through weed control and revegetation.

Initial planning meeting held with community members. Greening Townsville Community Greening Facilitator to follow up with community members to document the natural history of the park, map vegetation and natural resource issues and develop a draft plan for discussion at the next community meeting (date to be determined).

Woodstock Habitat Restoration (Haughton River ICM project)

Habitat restoration for improved productivity and biodiversity.

Envirofund application submitted with Woodstock Landcare Group as the applicant and TCC as sponsor.

Louisa Creekwatch, Common Interest, Mundy Creekwatch

Dave Hudson

Community involvement in waterway restoration and monitoring.

Envirofund application submitted by CVA Louisa Creekwatch as the applicant and TCC as a partner.

Marabou Drive Upper

Marylin Smith

(Greening Townsville)

Infill planting with rainforest species, creek stabilisation and weed control. Eventual removal of exotic tree species.

Envirofund application submitted with Upper Marabou neighbourhood group as the applicant and TCC as sponsor.

Garden Settlement

Wilma Robertson

(Greening Townsville)

Retirement villas abutting Town Common and Council land.

1. Tree planting and habitat restoration -


2. Raised viewing platform for dune protection

Envirofund application submitted for tree planting and habitat restoration with Blue Care Garden Settlement as the applicant and TCC as sponsor.

Magnetic Island

-Gustav Creek

Mike Schmidt

Gustav Creek catchment management plan and creek rehabilitation

Envirofund application submitted with Gustav Creek Catchment Care as the applicant and TCC as sponsor.

Nelly Bay Creek - Lilac St.

Andy Rankin

Creek stabilisation / erosion prevention and revegetation

Envirofund application submitted with Andrew and Helene Rankin as the applicant and TCC as sponsor.

Dry Tropics Biodiversity Group

Doug Silke

Ross River (Riverside Gardens) revegetation and community capacity building (native vegetation management)

Envirofund application submitted with Dry Tropics Biodiversity Group as the applicant and TCC as sponsor.

Urban catchment rehabilitation

Gail Joyce - Belgian Gardens School

Hillside catchment runoff near the school

TCC not contacted to assist with an Envirofund application for the July 2003 round.

Water recycling / wetlands

Ann Maree - Southern Cross Catholic School

Use greywater to help establish vegetation in the school grounds. Possible mini wetland polishing system.

TCC not contacted to assist with an Envirofund application for the July 2003 round.

Mt Stuart – East

Greg Jetnikoff

Rockwheelers Mountain Bike Club

Habitat assessment and management plan for habitat conservation, interpretive trails, recreational opportunities and community capacity building (natural area management)

More background information to be gathered and partnership arrangements progressed prior to development of an Envirofund application.

Turtle barriers

Gough Plastics

Tim Stevenson and Ian Gough

Louisa Ck into the Common at Blakeys Crossing. Prevent road kills through development of barriers. Link with community monitoring, education etc. Wider application

Envirofund application submitted with Gough Plastics as the applicant and TCC as partner. Further discussions to be held with Citiworks to determine design requirements to address potential hydraulic issues.

Cungulla Coastcare

(Haughton River ICM project)

Belinda Zuncker and Fiona O’Grady

Dune restoration and revegetation at Cungulla. Community awareness and capacity building.

Envirofund application submitted with Cungulla Beach Care group as the applicant and TCC as sponsor.


Brian Pickup (Sunfish)

Tim Marsden (DPI)

Identify barriers to fish movement in smaller streams and design and install low cost Fishways.

Brian Pickup supports the Haughton Catchment Committee ‘Aquatic habitat study’ and will look at the Fishways project when results are available from the Haughton study.

Haughton Catchment Committee

Aquatic habitat survey.

Envirofund application submitted with Haughton Catchment Committee as the applicant, Burdekin Shire Rivers Improvement Trust as sponsor and TCC as partner.

JCU Marine Biology

Gilianne Brodie

Rowes Bay to Kissing Point intertidal interpretation

Envirofund application submitted with Dr Gilianne Brodie as the applicant, James Cook University as sponsor and TCC as partner.

OUCH (Order of Underwater Coral Heroes)

Luis Sanches

Magnetic Island aquatic environment survey and monitoring.

Envirofund application to be submitted next round after some outstanding issues are resolved in cooperation with QOPWS and GBRMPA.

Stanton Lodge (adjoining areas)

Collin Ross

(Greening Townsville)

Hillside catchment habitat restoration (above Highpoint)

TCC not contacted with advice that an Envirofund application would be submitted in the July 2003 round.

Coastal Dry Tropics Landcare Inc

Rare and threatened species (plant) booklet

Envirofund application by TT Landcare included in the TCC despatch to Canberra. No other involvement by TCC.